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Supplements I Use and Recommend!

Even though I already have this in the “Q&A” section of this site, I still seem to get this question every day! So, I figured I’d take a little bit of time to explain the supplements that I use while doing P90X. If I am your coach, you already know that I only recommend products that I have used and work/ed for me. Here are a list of supplements to use with P90X, Insanity, Chalean Extreme, RevAbs, Power 90, or any other Beachbody home workout program.

shakeology(1) Shakeology. Most of you already know that this is by far the best overall supplement I have ever used! Shakeology is a meal replacement, but I also occasionally use it as a post workout supplement. Melinda and I have been using it for two months, and we both have noticed great results from it! The chocolate flavor tastes amazing, especially if you mix it with a TBS of peanut butter and a banana. If you use it as a meal replacement every day, at about $4 a serving you can actually save money in a months’ time. You have to remember that when going out to eat, you can easily spend anywhere from $6-$10 on a meal and take in half of your daily caloric requirements. It’s very low on calories, and contains a balance of carbs and protein, but will fill you up! I usually don’t feel hungry for at least 2-3 hours after I take it. If you’re ready to get healthy, this is a supplement that you at least need to try! Definitely worth every penny spent! Learn more about it by clicking here.

(2) P90X Recovery Formula. Regardless of what program you’re using, this is one of the most important supplements for you to take. Post workout recovery is super important if you’re looking to make great progress, and most people don’t quite understand why. Also, it tastes great! To learn about why it’s important to take in the Recovery Formula post workout, check out my P90X Recovery Drink Review. This is a supplement that you take immediately after you’re done working out. It’s the best post-workout supplement I’ve come across!

(3) E&E. E&E is a Beachbody supplement and is by far the best pre-workout supplement that I have Jack3dused! It increases pumps, energy, and also helps with fatigue. I take it about 20 minutes before my workout.

(4) P90X Whey Protein. This is a supplement that I used once or twice a day during my first round of P90X, and still continue to use to this day. Whey protein is very important for muscle recovery, and should be incorporated into your diet every day if you’re doing doing an intense exercise regimen like P90X, Insanity, or Chalean Extreme. You should take whey protein in the morning and after your workouts. If you take the Recovery Formula, take the whey protein an hour afterwards. To learn more about why it’s important to use whey protein, click here.

You can purchase any of these supplements (except Jack3d) here on this site! Doing so will automatically make me your coach, if I’m not already. Let me know if you have any questions about these supplements!


  1. Charlie /

    I’ve learned with the Jack3d if you take it with some sort of fruit juice, it isn’t that bad. I’ve only tried the fruit punch and when I’ve drank it with water (mixed with tasteless Creatine powder) it’s downright nasty. Orange juice, Minute Maid fruit juice or fruit punch, or Light V8 Fusion (strawberry/banana flavor) all have made the fruit punch Jack3d bearable every morning for me.

  2. Yeah, my fiance takes it with flavored water. It says on the directions to mix it with water, so you might want to do that. The juice could break down some of the ingredients.

  3. I actually have the lemon lime flavored jack3d and i don’t know it taste just like that not bad at all. Also i mix it wait aboout a few seconds and chug it down quickly so that might be why. Nonetheless i’m glad it was a recommendation because it is hands down the best i’ve tried. Might sound weird but when i feel my body tingle especially my hands i know it’s time to start the workout. Also give it at least 6 hours to get out of your system i learned the hard way.

  4. JVL19 /

    Do you use a multi vitamen? I have the recovery drink and a basic whey protein mix. Just curious on the multi vitamen

  5. I use Shakeology, which has a ton of vitamins in it. You can learn more about it here:

  6. Wayne /

    If I work out first thing in the a.m. (5:00), is it worth taking some Jack3d right before I start, or will it not kick in fast enough to matter? I don’t want to get up at 4:30 just to take the supplement and then sit around for 30 minutes I could have been sleeping, but I don’t want to take a supplement and then get most of the way thru the workout before it starts working. I’ve never tried Jack3d so feedback would be much appreciated. BTW awesome results Josh. You are inspiring! I am on day 28 and getting ready to go into Block 2, and I get to add back in some healthy carbs on the nutrition plan too! Yeah!

  7. Wes Boggs /


    I’m in pretty good shape. I go to Golds Gym everyday, weigh 200lbs, 13% body fat and just started p90x this past Sunday. I have a question about the meal plan. When you did your first 90 days did you follow the meal exactly. Phase 1, 2, 3? Did you go as far as weighing out the ounces of meat and stuff? I have a lot of muscle mass and I’m just trying to get ripped, lose some of the belly fat. I can see my abs but have a layer of fat over them. Also, why do you wait one hour after you take the recovery drink to take the protein? Isn’t the window of opportunity like 45min?

  8. Jack3d usually kicks in about 20-30 minutes after I take it.

  9. Hey bro! You can actually find out how I followed the diet in the “Q&A” section of this site. Also, you’re not supposed to mix whey protein and the Recovery Formula because it slows down the metabolism. I don’t know the exact reason, but it something I heard from a Beachbody Nutrition Expert. The window of opportunity is an hour after your workout.

  10. Andrew /

    Is it absolutely necessary to use supplemants, whey protein, etc in order to get the ripped physique P90X promises. Most of the whey protein I have used in the past contains creatine, which I don’t like using and have had an issue with already.

  11. Most whey protein doesn’t have creatine in it, and yes, supplements definitely help with your results!

  12. Josh,

    I am trying to find a protein powder that i can use. I have milk allergies so i cant take whey protein or whey isolate, and i cannot take recovery formula so that leads me to trying to find alternatives. I have read about pea protein powder, it has most of the amino acids that are in whey protein but some of them are about 80% of the whey’s value which is fine if the amount is increased a little bit and its 26g protein a serving. Do you know about this protein powder will be affective in helping to build muscle?

  13. I’m pretty sure they have soy protein powder on the market, but I’m not positive about this, nor know if this is OK for you to use. What you need to do is get ahold of your doctor and see what you can take.

  14. Daniel /

    Hello Josh,

    I’d like you to please look over my supplement stack, perhaps there are some changes or modifications I should be making? Based upon your review and recommendations I will be trying out Jack3d for my second cycle of p90x (starting on Monday – 4/5). I’ve been doing a little research on my own and want to give it a shot – it seems like a fantastic product. For your reference, I’ve cycled NO Shotgun & CL White Flood, and found White Flood to be very effective, whereas after about a month of using NO, the “pumped-up” feeling simply wore off. Perhaps there’s a little placebo effect there, but nonetheless, I stopped feeling “anything” with the NO after about a month. In any event, here’s my current stack:

    Animal Pak (2x/day)

    Pre-workout supplement (within 15 mins):
    CL White Flood (1x/day)

    Post-workout supplement (within 5 mins):
    Torrent (1x/day)

    Post-workout supplement #2 (within 30 mins):
    ON Protein Shake {1x/day)

    I’ve supplemented this way for about ~90% of the program. I’d say if I ever skipped a pre-workout drink or post-workout drink, it would have been on the cardio days, such as after yoga or plyometrics or kenpo, etc. I always used the supplements before/after the anaerobic routines – always.

    As for implementing Glutamine into my supplements, I can simply mix into my protein drink, yes? Is there a certain amount of mgs I should be considering?

    Please let me know what you think about what I’ve been doing and if you have any recommendations and/or changes regarding my approach.

    Thank you Josh.

  15. Josh /

    I’m not too familiar with some of the supplements that you have listed. All I know is what I have used and worked for me.

  16. should i take whey protein after workouts, and casein protein before i go to bed if im trying to get more cut i have been reading up on it and herd it was good just wanted to see what you thought

  17. Josh /

    Yeah man it’s excellent to take whey post workout and casein before bed. Casein is a slow digesting protein, which is great for slow release into your system while you sleep.

  18. Virgil Kirkland /

    Josh, been doing a little research on the casein protein. I have been taking my normal whey before bed and now find out that it really isn’t doing much for me, and wanted to look into the casein that you had mentioned. However, I read that casein promoted cancer in all stages of its development… what is your take on this? Thanks.

  19. Josh /

    I have never heard of that before. If you’re concerned, then talk to a doctor.

  20. Sergio /

    Hey I whats the best Protiern powder?

  21. There are all kinds of great protein powders out there. I have used the P90X Whey Protein and really like it, which is one that I recommend. It’s what I used during my first round of P90X.

  22. Sergio /

    Oh ok my bad. I didnt know that whey protien was a protien powder haha So do you use is as a meal replacement?

  23. I use Shakeology as a meal replacement. Click here to learn more.

  24. Sergio /

    have you ever heard or tried Advocare products?

  25. No.

  26. J. Nich /


    Im getting ready to start my first round of p90x. Ive been a long time smoker and have decided to quit smoking the first day of p90x. Ive been reading all over the place about supplements to consider while using p90x. I read your review of 1MR as an alt. to Jack3d. I found what seems to be the “Ultimate Supplement” and it is called MUSCLE WARFARE. There are 4 units to the stack. If you could check the labels out and let me know if it seems to be too much of an overkill of supplements for the p90x workouts. Im looking to turn my lifestyle around because i cant do anything physical without feeling like complete crap and i;’m willing to do anything to get back into a healthy lifestyle again. Let me know

  27. @J. Nich. First of all, good for you in committing to stop smoking once you start the program. Doing so is going to have a drastic change for the better for your health. Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of Muscle Warfare so I really can’t recommend it or not. I base my recommendations on products that I have personally tried.

    Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, you can do so by going to this link:

  28. Hey – I love what you’ve written here and want to start adding protein powder to my p90x workouts. I’m in phase 2 of p90x and going to add the protein powder pre & post work-out but i’m curious….. do i do this every single day (7days/wk)? Or do i just take on the “lift” days. Example, do i still supplement with protein on Yoga, Kenpo & Plyo days or just the days with weights?

    Many thanks… i’m a lean guy and looking for a little bit more muscle development… i’m getting strong, you just can’t really see it 🙂


  29. @Mike. It’s important to take your whey every single day, even on cardio days.

  30. Hey,
    I’m doing p90x doubles so should I take jack3d before cardio x in morning and then again before resistance training afternoon?

  31. Josh /

    @Leo. If I were you, I would only take it once a day.

  32. Steven /

    Hey Josh have you ever tried a pre-workout supplement called C4? You can look it up on GNC. I was just wondering if you knew anything about it.

  33. Josh /

    @Steve. I actually think I did try that at one point. If I remember correctly, it was just OK.


  35. @Nick. Never heard of any of those. Sorry bro!

  36. walter /

    most of all, I have a question.
    I started with p90x three days ago, but I have a confusion regarding the level of nutrition to follow.
    my weight is 230 lbs. I followed all the steps that are in the guide to determine what level of nutrition had to follow. tells me is the level III. my question is this: the level III is the one I must follow during the 90 day program?


  37. @Walter. Hey bro! Before I get to your questions, have you made me your coach yet? If not, here’s the link to do so.

  38. Hey Josh,

    I was wondering about the whey protein, when I order shakeology do I need the whey protein? I wanna lose weight, but I don’t necessarily want to gain muscle mass. I just want to get toned. Will the whey protein make me bulky? Nobody likes a bulky girl.

  39. @Tiara. Whey won’t make you bulky and it helps with muscle development. A lot of people will take whey and Shakeology!

  40. ???????? /

    Have u ever tried Cellucor c4 with insanity challenge

  41. I’ve tried Cellucor C4, but don’t remember which program I used it with.

  42. Be careful with Jacked you can pop for methamphetamine though it obviously isn’t meth.

  43. Josh /

    @Dave. Yeah, that’s why I’ve stopped taking it and now take Beachbody’s E&E.

  44. Josh, I’m going to start the insanity challenge & I want to get a fit lean body out of it. Do u recommend that I take all the supplements u had named? Can u explan in what order I need to take them in to get the best results. Thanks!

  45. @Alex. It’s up to you! I used them and they worked for me. However, looking over the list, I no longer take Jack3d or the Whey Protein. Instead, I take E&E (Beachbody pre-workout) and Sunwarrior Vegan Protein. Also, am I your coach?

  46. Ohh ok. Well I’m deff going to look into them 2 new products. And Yeaa I would like u to be. For more advice & recommendations do i write to u on here? Or is there a specific web site where or email to reach u faster? & thanks one again!

  47. @Alex. Facebook is actually the easiest way to keep in contact with me. Just “LIKE” my page and message me from there.

    Also, do you already have a Team Beachbody account?

  48. Ok thanks i already liked u on fb. & no i don’t buy I’m going to make one right know

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