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Supplements to Lose Weight

I often talk about the supplements to gain mass, but really don’t talk too much on supplements to lose weight, so I thought now would be a good time to do so. Most people are looking to lose weight anyway right? I just heard that 65% of Americans are either overweight or obese! WHOA! I think more people need to know the benefits of Beachbody Products and get into shape! That is my job as a Beachbody Coach. So what are my recommended supplements to lose weight?

shakeology(1) Shakeology. As you all have seen from numerous other posts, Shakeology is the best supplement I’ve used and one I highly recommend and talk about ALL the time! AND the chocolate tastes amazing! My fiance and I have been using Shakeology as either a meal replacement or a post workout recovery drink for almost 3 months now, and have seen amazing results! We have both lost a combined 25lbs! There are a ton of vitamins and nutrients in the shake, it’s low on cals, and it’s helping tons of people lower their cholesterol and lose weight! My favorite Shakeology recipe is to blend it with 6 oz. almond milk, a banana, and 8 ice cubes! To learn more about Shakeology, visit my Shakeology site at If you’re someone I coach, be on the lookout for a chance to win a free Shakeology sample! Check out my Shakeology Review!

(2) Whey Protein. Most people associate whey protein with gaining weight. Why? Well, it’s because there are many people out there that have no idea what they’re talking about! Whey protein is one of the best supplements that you can take because it’s essential for proper muscle recovery! When you work out, you use up BCAA’s, or branch chained amino acids, and whey protein taken right after the workout helps replenish the body of those lost amino acids. Whey is quickly absorbed into the body, and helps rebuild and repair muscle. Will whey protein make you gain weight? Not if you take it properly with the correct diet! Check out my whey protein review!

(3) Recovery Formula. This is another supplement that people just don’t quite understand. Most people ask, “Why p90x recovery formulawould I take in a lot of simple carbs post workout? Doesn’t that completely erase what I just did by working out?” No! Simple carbs post workout are very important, even if you’re looking to lose weight! When you work out, you use glycogen stores in your muscles for energy. When you’re done working out, you have to replenish those stores to help with proper muscle recovery, and that’s why the Recovery Formula is so important! Check out my P90X Recovery Formula Review!

Now you know my recommended supplements to lose weight. If you’re someone that I coach, then you already know that I only recommend products that I have use and KNOW work! The above supplements are excellent, and I highly recommend that each of you try them! Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. After you became my coach you gave me the same recommendation as this article and I took it to heart. How have the results been? Day 75 of P90X and I have lost 27lbs and 8 inches in my waist! Shakeology, Whey Protien and the P90X Recovery Formula have been a staple in my nutrition during this lifechanging process. Thank-you!

  2. RL3000 /

    So which is best to use post workout between the 3 you mention above? Im trying to cut body fat drastically. Shakeology is equal parts protein and carbs,The whey protein I take has 1 part carbs to 5 part protein,and the recovery drink is 1 part protein to 4 parts carbs. So which is best when your done with lets say a p90X workout for the day?
    Also, is it good/ok to take ALL 3 in one day? Of course if you spead them out in a diet plan. Im going threw fat shredder level 2 but taking in 1900-2100 cals though. Thanks in advance coach.

  3. I think they all are very important to take throughout the day. Use Shakeology as a meal replacement, whey protein as either a snack and/or take an hour after workout, and then take Recovery Formula right after the workout.

  4. I’m glad I have been able to help you out Mark! However, YOU are the one who has made the decision to change your lifestyle and commit yourself to the program! Glad to coach someone like you!

  5. Caitlin /

    Im interested in all of these options, especially shakeology, however being on somewhat of a budget, i cant really afford to spend the $120 per month, are there any budget pleasing recommendations you would make?? thanks 🙂

  6. Hey Caitlin! The one thing that most people miss with Shakeology is that it’s a meal replacement, and if you use it as one, then you should actually save money while using it! For example, instead of going out to eat, spending anywhere from $8-$10 a meal, you can use Shakeology, which is about $4 per serving. This is how I use it and how it justifies the cost! Let me know if you have any other questions about it 🙂

  7. Roberto /

    Same as Mark’s comment!! Day 33 of P90X and I have lost 15 lbs using Shakeology, P90X Recovery Formula and ActiVit Multivitamin Formula..

    Si hablas español y tienes dudas sobre P90X, Coaching, Nutricion, Ejercicios etc.. puedes comunicarte conmigo al siguiente email;
    (Josh’s Coach Team Member)

  8. Alberto /

    Hi bro, i’m a little confused about whey protein. I’m drinkin isolated whey after every workout and as part of my breakfast (i
    work out in the night). What confuses me is if that is correct the way to drink it, because maybe the way i’m drinking my whey (that sounds funny) is focused on building mass, but i don’t want bigger muscles, i just want to develop them correctly and get cut. I know the difference between a “Mass Gainer” and whey, so since i can’t buy P90X Whey, i bought an isolated one (Pro-Nos). Also I plan to stay in the Fat Shredder phase of the nutrition plan for the rest of my first round, so i can get cut sooner, i’m just confused and worried that i may be sabotaging the nutrition phase with the amount of whey i’m drinking.

  9. Josh /

    @Alberto. Whey protein is an excellent supplement whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain mass. It helps repair the muscles. You’re taking it correctly!

  10. Do you recommend taking thermogenics in addition to the products listed above. I have been doing a little research and found one called oxyelite pro, I have wanted to give it a try to get that extra little boost. What do you recommend?

  11. @Jacob. I don’t know what a thermogenic is. Sorry bro.

  12. Hydroxycut is a thermogenic.

  13. After an hr after my workout I have the whey you usually have with milk or water?

  14. @Daniel. I actually just use the P90X Recovery Formula directly following the workout and then eat about an hour afterward. I now have the whey protein as a snack every day.

  15. Do u usually mix whey protein with water or milk?

  16. @Daniel. I like almond milk the best.

  17. Ey what up josh,,,a just started p90x,,after my first day a was laughing of me cause a couldnt even make 1diamond push up :P,,, my idea is a wanna tone my body en gain muscle,,,but a dont wanna look like swarsenneger,,,wanna suplements u recomend me?

  18. Hey brother! Don’t worry, it’s common to struggle that much at first. I REALLY struggled during the first 2 weeks! Anyways, have you made me your coach yet? If not, make sure you do so that I can help you out! Here’s the link.

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