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Updated 1.M.R. Review

Let me start by saying, holy cow, 1.M.R. is amazing! I’ve been taking it for over a month now, and it’s by far the best pre-workout supplement that I’ve used. For those of you who don’t know, for the past 6 months I have been trying different kinds of pre-workout supplements to find one that I liked best and one that I can recommend to you all. So far I’ve tried BSN’s NO-Explode, Black Powder, Jack3d, and now 1.M.R. Below, I’m going to rank them from worst to best, including why I do or don’t like them.

Black Powder(4) Black Powder. This is definitely the worst pre-workout supplement that I have used of the 4. I never got that immediate rush of energy that you associate with pre-workout supplements, but I did have an increase in endurance. However, that’s the only positive thing about this supplement, because I felt nothing out of the norm during the workouts. Plus, I broke out extremely bad in acne while using it, and when I stopped, the acne went away. This is why this supplement get’s two thumbs down.

(3) NO-Explode. This is the first pre-workout supplement that I ever used, and I even used it for a few no explodeyears. I started taking in back in college, stacking it with creatine monohydrate, and I always got in great workouts! I always had a increase in energy after I took it, and it seemed that my endurance increased as well, but this might have been due to the creatine I was taking. However, after taking it for a while, I had to take more to feel that extra rush of energy. All in all, NO-Explode is a good pre-workout supplement, but not my favorite.

Jack3d(2) Jack3d. I started taking Jack3d backed in January, and absolutely loved it. About 15 minutes after I took it I started getting a tingly feeling, followed my an immediate increase in energy. This energy boost lasted pretty much the entire workout, and I definitely got more pumps. However, after about 3 months of taking it, I started getting nauseated about 15 minutes into the workout, and I would have to stop to let my stomach settle down. I decided that maybe I should drop down to 1.5 scoops instead of 2, which seemed to cure the nausea. The only issue I have with Jack3d is that my endurance is great during the workout. Jack3d is a great product, though, and why it’s #2 on my list.

(1) 1.M.R. As I said above, this is the best pre-workout supplement on the market today! About 15 minutes after taking1MR it I get the “Jack3d tingle,” but it’s a little different feeling. I then get this huge increase in energy that seems to last for the entire workout. Not only is my energy great, but so are my pumps and endurance. I literally feel like I can keep working out, even after I finish! I’ve been able to get in many more reps, and I’m noticing a difference in my muscle mass and definition. The only issue that I have with 1.M.R. is that I crash hardcore once the workout is over. However, I can care less because I know I got in an excellent workout. 1.M.R. gets two thumbs up and is #1 on my pre-workout supplement list.

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  1. Jay Park /

    I have used Jack3d, it just did not work for me. I had a huge crash, didn’t get good pump, just plain horrible. NO-Xplode, people told me the first day you use this, you are going to feel like a beast. Well… I felt ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! 1.M.R. Never took it, but if it’s like Jack3d… 🙁
    Currently I’m using Code Red, no caffeine, great pump, and no crash.
    Did you ever used Plasmajet, or Hemavol?

  2. Alberto /

    What do you mean with “crashed hardcore” dude? you mean you feel extremely tired? In my case i’m using Hemo-Rage from Nutrex, it’s pretty good since it gives me a great pump, focus and endurance the problem is that after finishing my workout, i’m totally tired but still focused, as if my brain asks for more but my body can’t. Since I workout at night (around 8 pm), i get to sleep until 1 am when my focus wears off. With 1.M.R. do you steel get the same feeling? or do you get so tired that you can easily get some sleep? I tried working out early in the morning (around 4 am because of my job), but that caused me terrible headaches during the whole day so i couldn’t focus on my job. I know you recommend eating an apple 40 mins before workout, but so far in P90X, an apple isn’t enough for me and for the intensity i want to give to my workout, and if i drink my “booster” and i don’t do anything after 20 minutes, i get a hard time on my stomach.

  3. Braden Traub /

    I’ve tried both jack3d and 1.M.R. based on your recommendations Josh, and I agree with your reviews. One thing you might want to add though, which is a BIG selling point for 1.M.R. over Jack3d, is that with Jack3d, I was having to take 2.5 – 3 scoops to get the most out of it, since I’m such a big guy.

    With 1.M.R., 1 – 1.5 scoops is MORE than enough, which makes my tub last 2-3 times longer than when I was using Jack3d.

  4. Travis /

    woooo! another great review for 1MR Josh! Told you it was the best! 😀

  5. franks /

    try no shotgun

  6. Andre /

    Does it keep you awake all night like J3D does? For me that was J3D’s downfall. . .

  7. Josh /

    @Andre. I don’t even chance it and take it no later than 4 PM each night.

  8. Josh /

    @Jay. Never tried any of those.

  9. Josh /

    @Alberto. When I take 1.M.R. and work out, I feel wore out after I’m finished. That’s what I mean by “crashed.” I don’t think that I could fall asleep though.

  10. Travis /

    thats wierd that u say that Josh, cause when i take 1MR, right after my workout i always feel like i have unlimited energy and just could go for another round.

  11. Jay Park /

    @ Alberto, when I worked out with Jack3d, I was really tired. But with CODE RED, I worked out like crazy, and the next day, I was not tired at all, just sore.

    ANYBODY tried Hemavol or Plasmajet? Those two looks legit

  12. MDOG /

    Hey Josh, how about you try Presurge Unleashed or Anadraulic State GT next?

  13. Alberto /

    I’ve read other forums about the “pre-workout boosters”, and as everyone might know so far, each body is a whole and different world. Josh is giving us his personal reviews, and we have to accept them as what they really are, as the effects he had on his body. The same as P90X works at different rates in everyone of us (remember Josh’s example about a friend whom got ripped after 5 rounds), we will have different effects with these boosters. Josh can’t be our “guinea pig” for all supplements we try but it’s nice to read the effects of supps in this post. If this review is accepted for all to be seen then this is my personal review about the effects i had with boosters, in the order i tried them.

    First of all i’m a latin guy, 6 ft 1 in tall, 215 lbs (so you can get a picture on a guy of these characteristics)

    1. MRI Black Powder: No tingly effect, improved endurance, light pump, focused mind for about 4 hours. I started to feel it working after 20 minutes. When i used it in the gym it also caused me to broke out on acne, specially in my face (lots of black dots) and back. I had a cold sore in my mouth the 2nd week so i left using it. When i started P90X i used it again, with no side effects. My guess is that i had to use ALL my stamina (i swear that back then when i used it in the gym i could practically finish my workout without sweating) so i don’t get the side effects.

    2. Nutrex Hemo-Rage: Tingly effect on my arms and legs, also i felt the blood rushing through the veins of my head, nice pump, high vasodilatation. I started to feel it about 20 minutes with 1 scoop. When i tried 2 scoops i felt it right away. It wores me out after the workout, but my mind asks for more. The focus stops around 4 hours later after drinking it and the body demmands a lot of water. The first two nights with only 1 scoop i had panic attacks, so be careful about the dosage. After that and so far, i only feel the “good” effects. No side effects on the skin, so far. I only drink 2 scoops on the plyo-days and if someday i don’t feel like working out.

    Hope this helps.

  14. JonnyQball79 /

    Hey Josh wondering where you found your MR1 at? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  15. Josh /

    @Jonny. I got it at Vitamin Shoppe.

  16. JonnyQball79 /

    @ ok thanks found one near me. Do you like it better than NO Xplode? And whats the new stuff you’re gonna try? CEE?

  17. James /

    How do you cycle the 1mr?

  18. Josh /

    @James. I usually do 2 months on and one month off.

  19. Josh /

    @Jonny. 1.M.R. is the best pre-workout supplement that I’ve come across. Also, CEE is creatine ethyl ester, and it’s suppose to have the same effects as creatine monohydrate, but without the water retention and bloating.

  20. Im on my second round of P90X, i was planning to use 1.M.R. for pre-workout supplement and P90X Results and Recovery Formula for post-workout, is this advisable? is this combination safe?

  21. @Gary. I don’t see a problem with it because that’s what I’m doing, but you might want to ask an expert like your doctor just to make sure.

  22. hello i just had 2 questions about using bcaa’s and 1.m.r., 1)will taking bcaa’s with 1.m.r. affect its absorption preworkout? 2)will taking bcaa’s during the workout affect absorption. And finally, how are you so freakin jacked!

  23. @Phil. I actually am not sure if the BCAA’s will affect the effectiveness of 1.M.R. or not. My guess is no since it’s not an actual food that can absorb the 1.M.R., but I’m not positive. That’s something you would have to ask a Nutrition Expert about because that’s one question I’ve never gotten before nor done any research on. However, you’ve sparked my interest and I will probably go look it up here in a bit.

  24. thanks dude i really appreciate it (not being sarcastic)

  25. JonnyQball79 /

    OK so I cycled off the NO xplode and tried 1.m.r.yesterday for the first time. Wow what a difference this stuff is compared to NO xplode, the taste is horrid though, worst fruit punch I’ve ever tasted. But you’re right, this stuff works. Gonna pick up the new creatine you mentioned

  26. @Jonny. Yeah, 1.M.R. is some great stuff!

  27. Josh – I have a sample packet of 1MR at home. After reading this great review, I’ll give it try. Thanks for the information.

    Jay – I am currently taking Plasmajet, Superpump250 and Size-On Precontest. I am extremely happy with the results of the stack. Plasmajet is a little hard to take (10 pills at one time) and you need to drink a lot of water, but it does increase vascularity and it gives me amazing vein popping pumps. I recommend all 3 products. I’m not familiar with Code Red and I do (on occassion) take caffeine free XPand Xreme Pump if I’m working out later in the evening. I may look into that as a new substitute for the Xpand. Thanks.

  28. I have taking the 1MR for a few weeks now only on my workout days and after my workout I feel a little nauseas, are any of you getting this feeling? I love the product as it really gets me jacked up and going but can’t stand the feeling afterwards.

  29. @Gene. I don’t get nauseous with 1.M.R. but I did some with Jacked. I had to cut back on how much I was taking.

  30. I have taken 1.M.R for about 1-2 weeks and i fucking love it. I gave a sample to my friend and he said it sucked. I feel tingling on my skin, my skin tightening up, i can lift more on almost every workout, and my legs feel like they wanna keep on moving. I use the powder and he tried the sample packet. Is the sample packet less concentrated or intense as the powder?

    Yeah im smaller than he is, mass wise 10-15 pounds (I weigh 140-145) and maybe 2 inches shorter. He also has a lot more muscle because i’ve been working out for about 3 months and he has been working out for about 1-1.5 years. But this power is for people small and large.

  31. @Jason. Yeah it’s a great product. I’m not sure if the samples are less intense than the powder or not, but I imagine they’d be the same.

  32. Alberto /

    Hello bro…

    Back again with the pre-workout supps. I haven’t tried 1.M.R. yet, it’s not available in Mexico, so i have to try other brands. Last time I told you i tried Hemorage, and now i’m using the “ultra concentrate” version and DAMN this stuff is WAY BETTER. According to the label, it is somewhat “similar” to 1.M.R. but let me tell you dude it may be really useful to you, since i’m a big guy (6.1′ and 205 lbs) it hits hard with only 1 spoon. The best of all, i can make a “short” Insanity routine like CP&R an after that the focus effect wears off completely and i can hit the bed without troubles to sleep. Just a little warning, get A LOT OF WATER READY, it has a tremendous thermogenic effect, so you don’t get dehydrated.

  33. Seth T. /

    You still using this? And what flavor would you prefer? Thanks in advance.

  34. @Seth. I’m actually in an off-cycle for the time being. I can’t remember the exact name of the flavors, but I’m pretty sure my favorite was fruit punch.

  35. 1mr…I prob could cut a serving in half-hour awesome workout but WIRED!!! I really like no exploded NT it’s stronger than the original but minimal side effects jitters etc and great pump (of course I’m I’m only a “girl”)
    Aren’t you supposed to cycle these though, 12 wks on, then a couple off?

  36. @Sandy. Yeah, I use cycle 2 months on and one month off. However, this last cycle lasted a few months, and now I’m starting to take them again. Also, I haven’t tried the new NO-Explode yet, and will have to soon.

  37. What flavor of 1MR do you recommend. I see there are several flavors to choose from.

  38. @Damian. I actually just got the Orange flavor yesterday and it’s pretty good! I mean it’s not the greatest, but I can tolerate it.

  39. Thanks for this informative review! I have tried some not-so-popular pre workout drinks that all failed for me eventually. One of the best drinks is simply a monster or red bull. But only if you can spare the extreme carbs they have and can tolerate the caffeine.

    I tried superpump, ripped force, natural supliments, coffee, creatines with sugar (has some energy effect), etc. I got a free sample of 1mr with a purchase I made from bodybuilding and it ripped my fing head off. I was high, but high in a great way. I nearly worked my arms off. So I bought a tub of it which I plan to use tonight. I glad it has such good reviews regarding not getting immune to it. I got totally immune to ripped-force after only 1 month.

    Looking forward to using something that actually works that I can continue to use as a daily. Doesn’t look like it has enough creatine in it though, so i’m going to toss an extra 5grams of pure creatine in with my drink. I’m also going to order more pure l-glutamine and will put 5grams of that in my cocktail as well. I’m thinking that is prett much all I need besides protein to get a heat and build nicely.

  40. @Troy. Yeah, it has a little bit of creatine in it.

  41. Can I drink my prolab n-large 2 after an hour of taking this product? Because it says that you can’t drink or take anything after 1hr of taking 1 m.r? I’m planning to get this to increase focus, energy and endurance so that I can do more reps and sets and finish my whole workout.

  42. Josh /

    @Danny. I actually don’t know much about that product, so I won’t be able to help you out too much.

  43. Clint /

    I would reccommend the Blue Raspberry flavor because I’ve been using it for about a week and the taste is amazing!

  44. Ryan /

    How many days a week do you think it safe to take 1MR? I’m highly active and very nutrition conscious so i make sure I eat plenty, and drink lots of water. Thanks

  45. Josh /

    @Ryan. I don’t take 1MR anymore because of the controversial ingredients. I take Beachbody’s E&E instead and love it!

  46. Cory /

    I have used all of these
    After the workout and even sometimes 3 quarters of the way through my workout I would just crash.
    I moved onto “Crazed” It doesn’t seem to give as much energy as any of these but it seems to last so much longer.
    I think everyone is different, so search around try a supplement that you think seems to work the best for you.
    Chances are if you think it works better it probably does.

  47. Josh /

    @Cory. Yeah, I stopped taking all of these since my last post and now use the E&E, which I don’t crash with.

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