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Updated Superpump 250 Review

Superpump 250As most of you know, I’ve been trying different pre-workout supplements for the past 9 months in the search for the best one out there. So far I have tried NO-Explode, Black Powder, Jack3d, 1.M.R., and now Superpump 250. A few weeks ago I wrote a Superpump 250 review, but I had only been taking it for about a week. I’ve been taking it long enough to write a legitimate review. So, what do I think of Superpump 250 now?

Not my favorite. As I talked about in my first review, about 30 minutes after I started taking it I got slightly nauseated, and that nausea has continued to get worse as time goes on. The nausea lasts for a good hour or so after I take it, and is something that I’m not necessarily enjoying too much. On top of the nausea, I don’t really feel too much energy from it. I might feel an initial rush for about 15 minutes, but after that it’s barely anything at all. Because I wasn’t feel much of anything, I decided to increase the dosage from 1.5 scoops to 2 scoops and finally 3 scoops, which is what I’m using now. It hasn’t helped too much, but has made my nausea even worse than before. I have noticed a slight increase in pumps and reps, but nothing in terms of endurance. In fact, I find that I get exhausted about 30 minutes into my workout. If I were to rate Superpump 250 on a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being the best, I would give it maybe a 6.

So now you have a few Superpump 250 Reviews to help you with your decision on whether or not you should try this supplement. I’m going to be trying a new pre-workout supplement this coming month and would like to hear your opinions on what I should try next. What I’m going to do is take the most recommending product and try it.

I’ve focused a lot of time talking about pre-workout supplements, but I want to stress the importance of post workout supplements as well! Post workout supplements are crucial for proper recovery. Most of you already know this, but the post-workout supplement that I use and highly recommend is the P90X Recovery Formula. Check out my P90X Recovery Drink Review!


  1. Landon /

    Try Assault by Muscle Pharm, they are the new kids on the block in the realm of supplements but their products are excellent. Good luck finding assault in stock anywhere- it’s selling like hotcakes but it is by far the most powerful pre-workout supplement I have used. Look it up and check out the nutrition label. It’s intense. Another rockin’ PWO to try is Hemo Rage Black by Nutrex. It’s pretty hardcore too. It’s easy to find but wildly popular in my local gym. The Bruisin’ Berry flavor tastes like liquid cotton candy and makes ya wanna drink it slowly- it’s THAT good. Try either of these and you won’t be disappointed. I have tried Jack3d, Superpump 250, 1 m.r., M5 Extreme, N.O. Xplode, NanoVapor, NeuroXplode, Quake, Animal Pump, Fast Twitch, White Flood, and several others- even when compared to all of these, I’ll pick Assault as my number 1 favorite and Hemo Rage Black and my number two. Either is well worth trying and seem nearly impossible to build tolerances to. Even after a whole tub of use, Assault and Hemo Rage Black still hit me as hard as they did on day 1. Cheers.


  2. josh, are you cycling off each product a little while before you start the next or are you taking them immediately after you finish a jug. I know no xplode recommends taking off a month in between jugs and i hate the wait.

  3. hey josh, do you think i can take this on insanity days?

  4. Guillaume /

    hey josh, you could try nano vapor by muscletech, i would like to get a review from that, cuz right now im using superpump 250 and i would like to have an opinion on that before i try it

  5. Give Whiteflood or Assault a shot. Good luck bro!

  6. I’ve tried Shock Therapy with not so great results. You do get a great pump from it but energy wise i didn’t feel a thing. Honstly Jack3D is still my favorite and since i don’t take it everyday, i get a great rush of energy everytime from just two scoop.

  7. @Dave. Thanks for the recommendation!

  8. @Aman. I take it during every workout, including cardios.

  9. @Guillaume. Thanks man for the recommendation.

  10. @Zack. I’ve been trying to cycle by taking 2-3 weeks off.

  11. @Landon. Thanks for the recommendation!

  12. Try white flood by controlled labs. Its one of the few pre workouts with no creatine, so you dont have to worry about the bloat, also good if your already using a different creatine product

  13. @Ed. I’ve heard quite a few good things about White Flood. That might be the next I try. Thanks for the recommendation!

  14. Billy /

    Hey man yeah you should really give White Flood a try Its a Pretty good PWO Supplement!

  15. Travis /

    Yeah definitely try white flood.

  16. @Billy. Thanks for the recommendation.

  17. Landon /

    Hey, wasn’t sure where to post this but check out a supplement by the name of Xtend by a company called Scivation. You drink it in place of water throughout the workout- it’s not a PWO or PostWO supplement but helps you keep going during the workout itself. Helps to almost completely kill muscle fatigue. It’s an excellent calorie-free supplement that goes great with any good Pre or PostWO. The orange flavor rocks, too. Xtend helps keep the muscles primed during the workout and helps greatly with finishing a workout with as many set reps as you began with. Many times I would start Chest and Back with 50 pushups per set and peeter out to 30 by the end- while using Xtend, I keep my 50 per set all the way through. It’s worth checking out.

  18. @Landon. I’ve heard a few good things about Xtend actually. I might have to check that out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  19. I’ve been using some samples of Cellucor NO Extreme that the guy gave me at GNC. I also have a tub of Jack3d, but I don’t like it. I really just want to throw it away. The NO Extreme works very well for me. Seems to get me pumped for the whole workout, doesn’t make me crash (like Jack3d does)and tastes good. $45 for a 30 day supply with a Gold Card. Stocking up on a tub tomorrow when Gold Card week starts.

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