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Brian’s P90X and Shakeology Results

Name: Brian Z.

Program: P90X

Brian’s P90X Success Story:

“In January of 2010 I weighed my heaviest at 230 pounds and had come to a point in my life where my clothes were not fitting, I never had any energy and I just wasn’t happy with anything.  My nutrition was horrible not only in selections, but portions, timing and number of meals a day.  I never ate breakfast, would go out to lunch almost every day (fast food), leave work and come home to a couple beers followed by a big dinner.  At least twice a year I would get sick and catch a cold from something the kids would bring home from school, but worse yet never had the energy to run around outside and give my kids the attention they deserved.  It was easier to sit in front of the TV after work with a bag of chips and a couple beers.  This was how I used to relieve work related stress.  I recall the very day it was time to make a change.  I was getting ready for work and sat down to put my boots on.  It hurt to bend over to tie my shoes because the fat was in the way.  I looked at myself in the mirror disgusted and have not looked back since!

I started with P90 because I didn’t think I would be able to complete P90X coming off the couch and having to make drastic nutritional changes in my life.  When I finished P90, I did two straight rounds of P90X, becoming an Independent Beachbody Coach at the completion of my first round.  At the end of my second round of P90X I was down to about 180 lbs.  This was when I had my fist real setback on my Beachbody journey.  I had Arthroscopic surgery on my left shoulder (torn labrum front and back, bone spurs and tendonitis), but because I was in such good shape going in to the surgery (as well as determined to rehab like crazy), I was cleared to start a modified version of Insanity 2 weeks later.  I started with a  lot of push-ups from my knees and 1 arm jumping jacks.  I could not keep up with Shaun T or the others on the DVD’s, but I gave everything I had.  By day 30 I was doing push-ups from my toes and doing jumping jacks but still had to modify the quick moves from the ground to standing position.  Pretty much by day 40 or so I had no restrictions and was going full steam.  I finished Insanity weighing 170 lb’s which is roughly where I am today.  Currently I am in Week 6 of RevAbs with a hybrid addition of Insanity Upper Body Weight Training infused 2 days a week.  I’m trying to gain strength in my shoulder to be ready for P90X2 when it comes out this fall.

The mainstay in my nutrition now since October of 2010 is Shakeology.  I could spend an hour talking about the benefits that I have seen from Shakeology, but to sum it up.  It’s my lunch.  Every Day.  It leaves me full and satisfied.  It gives me a middle of the day energy boost and I’m comfortable saying that it has aided in the loss of body fat.  It cures the chocolate fix and I no longer need a multi-vitamin.   When my monthly supply runs out and I have to eat something else, it drives me nuts.   Other products that I used on my journey are the slimming formula during my fat loss stage and the Results and Recovery formula during the P90X and Insanity stages.  I can’t thank my Coach Sean Callahan enough for all of his support, motivation and information over the last year +, the support, knowledge and resources from TNL since I have become a Coach and Beachbody for laying out plans and programs for everyone willing to make a change in their lives.  60 lb’s lost, over 20% body fat lost, from a tight 36” waist to a loose 32” waist all the while tightening and toning my body.  Thanks Beachbody!”

– Brian

If you would like to make Brian your coach, click here!

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