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Jonathan’s P90X Success Story

Name: Jonathan P.

Program: P90X

Jonathan’s P90X Success Story:

“I’ve been working out since high school and never was able to attain the results I was looking for. At the end of my high school career I was able to get lean but not ripped. So after graduating and moving on to college I found myself a little lazier, less active and eating tons of junk. I was very unhappy with my physique but no matter what I did I couldn’t make a change, I was eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, thinking that my metabolism would keep my body in check.

At the time I was going to the gym and lifting weights but never really saw any gains, looking back I’m sure that my lack of cardio didn’t help either. I definitely wasn’t happy at this point, I knew the physique I wanted was achievable, but seem to be at a standstill at achieving it. So one day after watching TV I saw an infomercial for P90X….It got me very interested, but being skeptical of infomercials I didn’t order it. The more I watched television the more it kept seeing the infomercial and I realized that It kept calling my name. I know  realized why I was being drawn in, it’s because it seemed like a challenge. I decided to order it one day, “just to try it out” was my thought. In hindsight,  regret not getting it sooner.

I started P90X In September of 2010 and since then I haven’t stopped!  My first found with P90X was definitely an eye opener. I thought I was in good shape, and then I was humbled by Plyometrics on day 2. I definitely keep pushing forward and found myself getting stronger and stronger.

I lost a good chunk of weight on the first round but I didn’t eating according to the nutrition guide. The second round I thought I was ready to gain mass so I increased my caloric intake and began taking weight gainers…BIG mistake I shot up to 189 (mostly due to my shitty diet) which wasn’t muscle weight. At round three I decided to commit myself to the diet and workouts 100%, and I managed to get great results.  With the help of P90X and Shakeology I’ve managed to lose 25 pounds (I started with roughly 19-22% body fat and now am below 10%), become stronger, more agile, better endurance, and definitely much more flexible.

After some time I decided to join TNL and become a coach. Now I have the great pleasure of helping people reach their fitness goals!”

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