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Vivek’s P90X Success Story

Name: Vivek

Program: P90X


Vivek’s P90X Success Story:

“I weighed around 170lbs when I first started P90X. In fact, I’ve had the complete workout program with me for almost 2 years until I really started the program seriously. I was working out prior to P90X, but not in a very serious way. Never paid attention to nutrition and starved myself to maintain 170lbs. I would come home from work and turn on the TV and do some push-ups, a few pull-ups and some ab workouts. But I wasn’t fit, I only thought I was fit.

So, one fine day, I got back from work and didn’t feel like doing much, and I noticed my Chest/Back DVD next to the DVD player. I pulled it out and put the DVD in the player. I had never tried that workout and never knew what to expect. I had 2 25-lb dumbbells with me, since that is all I could lift.

As I started the warm-up, I started realizing this is not one of those easy home workouts. I thought I was fit and I could feel my shoulders burn during the warm-up. In my mind, home workouts were for folks who were not serious about working out, but when I started the Chest/Back DVD, and as I progressed through the workouts, I realized I could not keep up with the workout crew. How could this be happening? I workout 3x /week and I can do 20 push-ups at a stretch, how can I not keep up with the crew! By the time, I finished the workout, the Ab RipperX started. I looked at the program schedule sheet and it said ‘Chest and Back / Ab RipperX’. What! I nearly threw up with this workout and now I’m supposed to do Ab RipperX! This cannot be real. Home workouts were supposed to be easy!

I was sore, very sore the next day. I could feel soreness in places and muscles I didn’t know existed. Next day was Plyometrics. Needless to say, my lower half was sore, very sore! By the end of the week, I realized this is not an easy program to stick with. I restarted the week all over, this time with my nutrition dialed in.

My goal was to maintain the same weight, lose fat and gain some amount of muscle. I still lost about 5 lbs, had to eat a lot just to maintain the same weight! After 90 days, I felt I was in good shape…… until I started a P90X/Insanity Hybrid. Long story short, Beachbody programs have kept me challenged every time I start thinking I am fit. That’s why I love these programs! Keeping yourself challenged and adding variety!

I didn’t know about Shakeology until 6 weeks into the program. I read about it on my Coach’s website (Coach Wayne) and started it. I thought it was just an over-priced Protein Shake, but since Beachbody has a 30-day money back guarantee, I found no harm in trying. I ordered it, and I loved it! I researched the ingredients and found that this is not just another protein Shake; it is a complete meal/snack with 140 calories, nutrient dense food. It replaced my regular Multi-Vitamins and gave me an extra 17g of high quality Whey Protein (from isolate).

Beachbody always comes up with high quality stuff, whether it is a program, a supplement or an idea, which justifies their cost. Research, development and the whole process is time-consuming and the high quality must be maintained. You can’t go to a Rolls Royce or a BMW and expect a cheap car. You pay for the high quality Engine, Mileage, Security, Safety and many other features. Beachbody is just that! Quality!”

– Vivek Chawla




  1. I love success stories! Great results!

  2. Really good inspirational story Vivek, looking good, keep it up.

  3. Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement. 😀

    — Vivek

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