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What is Kan Jam?

Yes, my friends, today I will indeed switch it up! Huh? No, this is not your normal post about ways to stay motivated, tips on how to stay clean with your diet, or why making excuses is the devil. Rather, this is a post about the most famous game of outside games, the so called creme dela creme of them all! Before I get into just what exactly Kan Jam is and why I might have to check into an addiction center because of it, I first have to give credit to my good friend Joey Petri for bringing the game all the way from Rochester, NY. Thank you Mr. Petri! You are the man.

I love my outdoor games. One of my favorite things to do is have a few friends over, maybe have a few drinks, and play something outdoors like Corn Hole and now Kan Jam, just as long as the weather permits, of course. Never mind, I would probably still play in the rain. Just sayin’. What is Kan Jam? Seriously, it might be the cheapest game ever created because it consists of 2 cut out garbage cans with a slot in them, along with a Frisbee, that’s it. How is Kan Jam played? There are 2 teams of 2, and you set up both cans about 50 feet away from each other (at least that’s how we play it). Each partner stands at opposite “Kans,” and the goal is to get to 21 points the quickest. How do you get points? Each player on the team gets a chance to throw the Frisbee, while the other player has to do his/her job of either slamming the Frisbee into the top of the can, or bumping it to at least hit the can. If the player throwing the Frisbee slots it or lets it sink in the top without the other teammate touching it, the game is over. If you slam the Frisbee down into the “Kan,” you get 3 points; if you bump the Frisbee into the “Kan” without it touching the ground, you get 1 point, and if you hit the “Kan” on the fly without your teammate touching it, you get 2 points. The key is to hit exactly 21, and if you go over, you go back to 15!

OK, enough with explaining the rules. I think you all get the idea! Anyways, since Joey introduced us to it over July 4th weekend, we have become addicted, and apparently so has everyone else. Now, more people want to come over to our place to play Kan Jam, a lot more than normal. I guess we are using Kan Jam as a way for people to come see us anymore, and it’s working! Moving on. Mike and I have been Kan Jam partners for about a week now, and I think it’s safe to say that we are borderline Kan Jam professionals. Our record is probably somewhere around 40-3, two of the losses coming from lucky slots. Yes, you heard right Romell and Tony, I do believe those tosses were a bit lucky! If we are ever down, we find a way to work our way back into the game, regardless the score. Let me warn you, though, this is a brutal sport. Not only might you get beat up by the other team if you defeat them because they take it so seriously, but the Frisbee does a beating on it’s own. We’re talking some serious bruises on your wrist, some blisters popping up on your hands, and the occasional running into pine tree injuries. These are all in fact injuries that we have sustained in the past week or so, but let me explain to you, they are all worth it. Also, you have to be careful for the occasional “bad throw” that might either injure someone or hit a house, even if it is 100 feet away in the complete opposite direction. Some people like to hold on to the Frisbee just a tad too long or just have very poor aim, right McNutty? Poor Mike almost got a concussion from one of Chris’s wild throws!

I’m sorry Corn Hole, but you are going to have to move over to the side for now and will have to get used to being the “losers game” because Kan Jam has taken your spot. Yes, we are having people over today to play some Kan Jam, and it will be a good time like it always is. If you’d like to learn more about Kan Jam,I do believe their official site is Enjoy!

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  1. Lucky eh? 🙂 well… maybe a little

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