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3 Week Update

Hey everyone. As you all know, Melinda and I started another round of P90X 3 weeks ago and have both made excellent progress. Some of you already know about my injury, but for those who don’t, I broke my hand back in October and had to have surgery, which required pins. I wasn’t able to workout or do any physical activity for two and a half months, and lost quite a bit of muscle and gained some body fat from the inactivity. It was frustrating because there was nothing I could do other than eat as healthy as possible, but it was inevitable that I was going to fall slightly out of shape. I ended up losing 2 inches off my biceps, 2 inches off my quads, a little over an inch off my calves, and gained a half inch on my waist. Anyways, 3 weeks ago I started P90X again with Melinda in the hopes of getting back into shape quickly.

We have both been making excellent progress, and have been sticking to a strict diet. Since I’ve started back, I’ve gained back just about all the muscle that I’ve lost, and have just about lost all the body fat that I’ve gained. I started out this round repping 8 wide grip pull-ups, and now I’m up to 16. I also started out with about 35 regular push-ups, and back up to about 55. I’ve been focusing on proper form, and taking the proper supplements. Melinda has also made great progress in her reps as well. She even was able to do 11 unassisted pull-ups during Chest & Back last week, which is the best she’s ever done! We will both continue to eat healthy and push ourselves to make more progress. I expect to be completely back to where I was pre-injury in about 2 weeks.


  1. jstnthrguy /

    Way to go coach and Melinda!!! Soooon, after my shoulder gets better….i’ll be workin it myself 🙂 KEEP BRINGING U TWO

  2. Bro-man /

    Brah you have to show pics.!!!

  3. Taking pics Thursday man! Be on the lookout.

  4. Coach, you should take a pictures of your legs.

  5. Planning on it.

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