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Additional Chest Workouts With P90X

Well there seems to be an argument as to how many times a week you should work out the chest. Some people, me included, say that P90X doesn’t focus enough on the chest, while others say that 1 time a week is enough. So who’s right? Well I will let you all decide.

When you are trying to determine if whether or not you should add in an additional workout during the week, there are a few things that will determine whether or not you should.

(1) The intensity of your workout. Let’s say the the first chest workout you had during the week was extremely intense, and the day after you couldn’t even stand it if someone poked your chest. If that is the case, then you know that you need to give it a few more days rest.

(2) Your diet! Yes, you heard it right! The healthier the food you eat, the quicker the recovery time.

(3) Supplements. Some supplements, like glutamine, speed up the recovery process, therefore allowing you to add in an additional workout or two during the week.

(4) The type of exercise. The more demanding the exercise, the longer the recovery time.

(5) Amount of reps and sets. The more the reps and sets, the longer the recovery time.

So when it comes down to it, you are the one who has to decide whether or not your body is ready for an additional workout, or how many times per week you do that workout. If you are sore, then don’t do it, but if you feel fine, then go ahead and add it in. When just starting P90X, it would be smart to only do a chest workout once a week because it takes longer for the muscles to heal, but when you get a few weeks in, once a week is not enough.



  1. jesse .i. /

    on what days did you add an additional chest workout josh?

  2. Currently I do the additional chest workout on my rest days. However, I don’t recommend adding in additional chest workouts unless your looking to really gain some mass. P90X alone is enough if you’re looking to lean up and lose weight.

  3. jesse .i. /

    well ill probably add it on my second round..because irelly wanto gain mass gain mass.thanks

  4. By “rest days” do you mean Saturdays and Sundays? Or Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are still workout days but not heavy, anaerobic workouts?

  5. Rest days are the days you’re not working out, which is Sunday if you start your routine on Monday.

  6. when i do the additional chest workout should i do the entire dvd or just the chest workouts in the dvd?

  7. and does that mean you do the chest dvd 2 days in a row?

  8. If you’re looking to gain some mass, then I recommend adding some heavy chest training, like bench press and chest flys.

  9. I never do Chest & Back two days in a row. You have to give each muscle group about 48 hours rest before working them again.

  10. and does the 8 to ten rule still apply when benching and what are chest flys? (sorry if im asking too many questions)

  11. Yeah, that applies to those exercises as well. Remember, the lower the reps, the more mass you will gain.

  12. Gibson /

    So on sundays when you go to the gym Josh, do you only focus on chest?

  13. Josh /

    @Gibson. We usually do chest and back.

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