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Best Workout Programs For Men – Top 5

best workout programs for men

Over the course of the last 5 years, I have tried out many, many different workout programs. Some I’ve liked, some I haven’t, but the ones that I do like absolutely ROCK and I’ve gotten great results with them! So, what I’ve decided to go is put together my list of the top 5 best workout programs for men. Can anyone guess what #1 is? You will probably be surprised!

Best Workout Programs for Men

(5) Insanity. Insanity is just that, insane. What attracts a lot of men to this program is how tough it is. Us guys don’t like doing workouts where we barely break a sweat. No, we like “manly” workouts that put us on the borderline of puking! Or is that just me? I don’t know and don’t care. I digress. Insanity is that workout that will make you want to puke. Yeah, it sucks when you’re doing it, but for some reason you keep coming back for more afterwards. What is Insanity anyways? It’s a 60 day freakin’ INTENSE cardio program that involves a lot of jump training and intervals. However, the intervals aren’t like normal intervals where you have a short burst of exercise with a decent amount of rest, but rather long bursts of high intensity exercises with very short periods of rest. This is why it is #5 on my best workout programs for men.

(4) Asylum. Yeah, this is another insane workout (it’s the sequel program to Insanity), but is a little different than the original Insanity. How so? It’s just a 30 day program, but this time it’s more sports focused and involves some weight training. Yeah, that’s right, us guys love to push weights around, and this program allows you to do SOME of that, but not a lot. It’s enough to help you maintain body mass while chiseling yourself with crazy insane and intense jump rope and jump training. Oh and there are quite a few ladder drills involved as well, so this may take you back to your high school or college sport days, if you took part of them of course. My results with Asylum were nuts, and I’m confident that you can get crazy results as well. Asylum takes the #4 spot on my best workout programs for men.

(3) P90X2. I seriously can’t believe I’m putting this at number 3, but the next two programs after this are so near and dear to me that I couldn’t put this above them. Plus, what makes it even tougher is that I’m actually in the P90X2 videos, Shoulders & Arms! However, that’s not saying that I don’t love this program because I definitely do, and it’s one of my favorites. P90X2 is very sports focused because, well, that’s what it was designed for. Beachbody hired some of the best sports science guys to come in and help develop this program with Tony Horton, and it sure does take your athletic performance to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! P90X2 contains a balance of cardio and resistance training, but it’s very intense and different stuff. A lot of the moves in the program focus on improving core strength, so you do a ton of balance exercises. What’s interesting is that you even do a lot of balance exercises while doing weight lifting, so you’re working a lot of muscles at the same time. After 90 days, your athletic performance should greatly improve! Oh and this isn’t a program for beginners. Make sure you are in great shape before attempting this one!

(2) P90X. Ah yes, the program that started it all for me! P90X changed my life, literally. Seriously, the programs ROCKS! I went through my first 90 days back in 2008 and lost 25 lbs and 10% body fat in 90 days, no joke. My P90X results were crazy, and I’ve watched thousands of other lives changed by the program as well. P90X is a program that has a balance of cardio and resistance training, similar to P90X2, but not as tough. This is for people who are in OK shape and want to lose some weight and get ripped up. There is some jump training (plyometrics), weight lifting, and yes, (gulp) even some Yoga. Come on guys, you could suck it up for an hour a week, right? Anyways, P90X is an amazing program and in my opinion one of the best workouts for men!

(1) Body Beast. I feel like doing the Tim Allen grunt every time I talk about Body Beast, but it’s by far my favorite program of them all. Because of being a baseball player for so long, I grew up in the gym, and I was in there every day pushing around every weights all throughout college. I don’t know what it is about lifting heavy, but I just love it. Thank goodness that Beachbody released this new mass gaining program this past summer because now I can feel like I did back when I was in school, but this time get MUCH better results! Like I said, Body Beast is a mass gaining program that involves a LOT of weight training, but also comes with an excellent diet and supplement plan as well. If you don’t get stronger and gain mass after going through 90 days, you didn’t do something right! I ended up gaining about 15 lbs after my first round. This, my friends, is why Body Beast is ranked #1 in my best workout programs for men! (Check out my full Body Beast Review)

All of these programs ROCK, and I hope you found my list of best workout programs for men helpful. If not, oh well! If you have any questions about any of the programs, feel free to reach out to me at


  1. erwinol /

    Hi Josh !

    Do you plan to do a Body Beast transformation video ?
    Or at least put some transformation pictures on your blog ?


  2. @Erwinol. I do have some 30 day Body Beast results posted on my site, but I had some personal issues that came up that didn’t allow me to follow the program exactly for the remainder of the time.

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