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4 Week Body Beast Review

1 Month Body Beast Review

Seriously, I can’t believe just HOW FAST this month has flown by! I’m already on my 5th week of Body Beast and seeing unbelievable results. In case you missed last week’s Body Beast Review, I finished up the Build phase and moved on to the Bulk phase, which are a different set of workouts. I will get into the new workouts in a bit, but I also talked about how it’s a little uncomfortable putting on as much weight as I have. So far I’m up about 10 lbs, from about 168-169 lbs to 179 lbs, and a lot of that is water retention, but I’m positive some of it is muscle as well. I haven’t put on a lot of fat (very minimal), but it’s a strange feeling to be weighing this much. I don’t think I have ever been over 180 lbs in my life, so like I said, it’s uncomfortable because my clothes are getting tighter and I’m feeling slightly bloated all the time from the creatine. However, I know it’s all part of gaining mass, so I’m not too terribly worried about it for now. I am looking forward to the last phase, though, where we make some adjustments to the diet to lean out a bit. I like being strong, by I liked being ripped as well.

The new Bulk Phase Body Beast workouts are AWESOME! I think I like them a lot more than the Build Phase (even though those ROCKED!), mostly because we are doing a TON of progressive sets, which I enjoy. If you don’t know what progressive sets are, it’s where you do the same exercise 6 times in a row without much rest, maybe about 15 seconds, and go from 15 reps down to 12, then to 8, and then do them in reverse order, going from 8 to 12 to 15. As you go down in reps, you increase weights. For the incline dumbbell presses, for example, I start out doing 15 reps of 45 lbs dumbbells, and then go to 55 lbs for 12 reps, and then 65 lbs for 8 reps. By the time you get to the very last set, you are having a VERY tough time doing 15 reps with the lightest weights! Progressive sets are very effective.

The one thing that I’m not sure I like about the new set of workouts is that they are MUCH shorter, right around 35 minutes for each workout. However, it’s not like we’re just chillin’ and slowly going through the workout, we are NON-STOP for the entire 35 minutes! By the end of each workout I’m drenched, especially the new Bulk Legs, which I think is the toughest workout to this point. You do a TON of lunges and don’t get much break in between. There is one progressive set from that workout that really sticks out to me, and it’s the split squat lunges with the EZ Curl Bar. What you do is have one leg forward and on leg back, hold the curl bar in between your legs and then squat down, keeping your chest up so you don’t put any pressure on the lower back. My legs were DESTROYED after that exercise!

Eating all this food is getting easier actually. I think now that I’ve put on more muscle my body is demanding more food, so I don’t feel ridiculously full all throughout the day, but rather, now I feel comfortable. I do have to say that I love all the carbs we’re allowed to eat. I’m eating a lot of whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, fruits, and whole grain pancakes. One thing is for sure, I don’t lack energy throughout the day until directly after my workout! The Body Beast diet ROCKS. Remember, the diet plays a MAJOR role in gaining mass, so make sure you’re following the Body Beast Diet Guide as close as you possibly can!

So far so good. I’m noticing a big increase in strength and size and expect to continue seeing results as I move through the program. Hopefully I don’t get much heavier, though, because I can’t imagine being close to 190 lbs! I think a comfortable weight for me is about 167, but not sure I will get back down there anytime soon because of the muscle I’ve put on, even if I do cut the cals and carbs during the last phase. Well there’s my 1 month Body Beast review, and be on the lookout for more Body Beast reviews coming soon!

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