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Body Beast Review: 1 Week

Body Beast Review: Week 1

Dang, OK, let’s just say that I knew I would be getting results this early, but I had NO IDEA I would be getting these type of results! Let me back up. If you haven’t been following me on Facebook or reading my blog posts, I decided to officially start the new Body Beast mass gaining program last Monday, following the diet and taking all the Body Beast supplements. One week in and I’m experiencing a gain in strength and mass that I haven’t gained since playing college baseball! Here’s my Body Beast Review to this point…

Again, so far I’m absolutely loving this program! After doing Body Beast for an entire week, it’s safe to say that I have a new favorite program, mostly because this is more my style. I used to be a college baseball player and absolutely loved lifting heavy in the gym, and this is just that, but amped about about 100% and I can do it at home! I’m doing exercises and workouts that I’ve never done before, such as supersets and drop sets, and am seeing great results because of it. It’s like a whole new muscle confusion for my body, something I haven’t experienced too much of since finishing up P90X2. In just one week, I have increased the weights quite a bit for every single workout, which is impressive, and I’ve been extremely sore. Melinda is noticing a drastic increase in my chest, back, and arm size, and I’m definitely feeling it in my legs! My legs develop real easily, especially when I take creatine, protein, and eat a ton of calories, so I can already notice that my legs are getting bigger by how my pants are getting tighter! Not around my waist, though, but around my quads, which is a good thing. So far I haven’t noticed an increase in body fat, but I haven’t lost any either, and it’s because of all the calories I’m taking in. However, I’m not worried about it because the program is designed that way, and when the 3rd phase rolls around, you change up your diet to lean out some.

What about the Body Beast supplements? I’m taking them all, which include the Fuel Shot, Suma Root, MAX Creatine (monohydrate), and Base Shake, which is pretty much whey protein. I’m taking 1 scoop of the creatine mixed with 8 oz of 100% apple juice along with my 2 Suma Root pills pre-workout, and then the Base Shake blended with the Fuel Shot, a banana, and apple juice post workout. I’m still taking Tropical Shakeology, and using it as a snack at night or mid-afternoon. I’m not taking the E&E pre-workout right now because I really don’t feel a need to. I’m taking in enough calories and get a good enough pump from the creatine and Suma Root that I don’t feel it’s necessary, and I don’t feel drained during the workouts either. So far I’m seeing GREAT results from these supplements, especially the creatine, and am really looking forward to what results I will get by day 90.

The workouts are just awesome. Again, you do a lot of supersets and drop sets, and it’s such a big change for me because I’ve never really done anything like that before. Plus, we’re doing a lot of exercises that I don’t typically do, like curls with an EZ curl bar or bent over rows. I’ve always developed my back with the lat pull-down machine or pull-ups, and it’s nice to add in some additional exercises that will develop the back muscles. I also really like the chest exercises. Chest is my favorite muscle group to work, and these chest exercises have really tested how hard I can push myself! Like I mentioned above, I have already had to increase my weight for many of the exercises, especially ones that work the chest. One of my goals is to be able to dumbbell press what I was in college, and that was 110 lbs dumbbells for 3 sets of 8. I have no doubt that I will be back there in no time!

Hopefully you have found my Body Beast review helpful. Honestly, if you’re looking to gain mass, you’re not going to find a better program out there. After doing research and studying up on gaining mass for years, this program has all of the things necessary to gain mass, from the diet, supplements, to the workouts. I can’t wait to see how much mass I gain in 90 days! If you have any questions about Body Beast, feel free to email me at If you’re ready to purchase it, click here for all the info!

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