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Body Beast Review: Back and Biceps

Body Beast Review: Back and Biceps

For the past few weeks or so I’ve been trying out the different Body Beast workouts. I haven’t officially started the program yet, though, using the supplements, following the diet, and doing the workouts in the right order, because I was on vacation, but I do start Day 1 today. Yesterday, though, I decided to start taking the supplements and did the Body Beast Back and Biceps workout with a few buddies of mine, and dang, that was a tough one! Here’s my Body Beast Review of the workout.

First of all, the warm-up cracks me up! When Sagi jogs, he barely lifts his feet an inch off the ground. Anyways, the warm-up is real short a easy, and really is just to get the blood flowing to the different muscles, mainly the ones you’re working for the day. After a few minutes of light jogging and exercises with light weights, you’re ready to start the actual workout. The Back and Biceps workout is broken down into 2 halves, the first being the back, and the second obviously being the biceps. During the back workout, you’re doing a LOT of supersets and drop-sets. As with all of the workouts to this point, you are doing 3 sets of each exercise, and increase the weight and decrease the reps during each set. So for the first set you’re doing 15 reps, then move to 12 and finally 8 for the last set, and then 8 more if you’re doing a drop set. What makes this so tough, though, is that you don’t rest! By the time you get to the drop set, your muscles begin to feel completely exhausted and numb.

When you add in the supersets, it makes it even tougher. A superset is when you add in more exercises to the different sets that you’re doing. For example, Sagi might superset bent over rows, one arm rows, and then back flies (which is an actual superset in the workout BTW). What this means is that you start out doing 15 reps of bent over rows, then immediately do 15 reps of one arm rows, and end up doing the same thing with the back fly’s. Once you’re done with that, you repeat, but this time with lower reps using heavier weights, so you end up doing 9 total exercises in just a short amount of time! And you are doing some pull-ups as well. In one of the supersets wide grip pull-ups are one of the exercises. You only do 10 reps, but 10 seems like a lot after doing 2 other sets before it! The back portion of the workout ends with doing 3 30 second intervals of chin-ups, and then you go into the bicep exercises.

The bicep part of the Body Beast workout is tough, I mean real tough. You do a lot of supersets as well. There is one exercise in particular that really is rough, and it’s seated hammer curls. Yeah, doesn’t sound tough until you find out that 1 rep is doing one arm, the other, and then both at the same time. 15 reps with 10 lbs is rough, but by the time you get to the 3rd set, doing 8 reps of 20 lbs, it’s even rougher. Not only are your biceps on fire, but your forearms are as well, and you feel like you’re going to lose grip and drop the weights by the last set. Another exercise that was real tough was doing regular curls with the curl bar. What makes it so tough was that it was towards the end of the workout, so you barely have anything left, and have to do 3 sets and then a drop-set, with heavy weights.

When the workout is all said and done, you should be dripping with sweat and want to do nothing but lay on the floor, all sprawled out! Another Body Beast workout done, and another new favorite workout. I hope you found my Body Beast review helpful. Seriously, I absolutely love the new program, maybe even more than P90X and P90X2, and I’m in that workout! If you want to do Body Beast with me, I have a Body Beast Challenge Group running on Facebook for us Beasters. You can contact me on Facebook, which is the easiest way to communicate. Just “Like” my Facebook Page and send me a message!


  1. Jesse Clarke /

    josh that workout sounds pretty intense how many days is the body beast program?
    I can’t wait to see your final results!

  2. Josh /

    @Jesse. 90 days!

  3. Josh H /

    Josh, If you ever get a chance Id be interested if you could post your updated grocery list for the Body Beast Program.

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