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Body Beast Review: Chest & Tri’s

WOW. Seriously, dang, I’m still shaky and I finished the first Body Beast workout about an hour ago! OK, let me back up a bit. For those of you who don’t know, Beachbody just came out with a new MASS BUILDING PROGRAM called Body Beast about a week ago. I’ve been waiting for them to release a mass gaining program for quite some time now because I’ve had so many people ask me how to put on mass! Instead of modifying the P90X workouts, I can now direct them to BODY BEAST.

Now on to the Body Beast Review. I wasn’t going to start the program until the 17th since I’m heading on vacation here in a few days, but the program came and one of my buddies who is in from out of town wanted to try it out, so we decided to do the Chest & Tri’s workout this morning. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect, didn’t know if I’d be busting out a lot of push-ups or what, but I knew it would be a challenge. Yeah, I was right. It was DEFINITELY a challenge and an extremely unique workout, one that I’ve never really done before. What made it so unique and challenging? It had a lot to do with supersets and the lack of rest time in between sets! All I have to say is get ready to do a LOT of sets with free weights! There really aren’t many push-up exercises in this workout, and I’m glad because those are always high rep and mostly for toning and getting that “ripped” look.

OK, let me explain the workout. You start out warming up doing some push-ups and stretching some, but that’s the extent of that. Then you go right into some superset exercises with the chest. I thought that the chest and triceps exercises would me mixed all throughout the workout, and well, I was wrong. The entire first half is NOTHING but chest exercises! The first is regular bench press on either a bench or a balance ball, and you start out light. You’re doing 3 sets with VERY little rest, and you increase the weights with each set, and you’re dropping reps during each set as well. You start out with 16, go to 12, and then finish at 8. You do this for just about every exercise, and you even add in another exercise for some as well, so you’re actually doing 6 exercises during one superset! CRAZY! By the time the halfway point comes around, your chest is numb.

The second half of the workouts is obviously the triceps exercises, and you’re doing pretty much the same thing that you did with the chest exercises, and that’s supersets. You start off doing regular triceps extensions on either the balance ball or bench, and you’re starting off light, using about 15-20 lbs. Again, you increase the weight and decrease the reps as you do each set, and by the time you come to the 3rd set your triceps are on FIRE! You do this for quite a few other exercises and then end up doing chair dips for an entire minute. I made it about 20 seconds before my arms gave out, and then kept having to take breaks after about 5-6 reps until the full minute was up. By the time the workout was finished, I was drenched and ready for some recovery.

Just from what I experienced during the first Body Beast workout, I think that this is going to be one of my favorite, if not my favorite Beachbody workout out there. I LOVE to lift heavy, and this is right down my alley, and I’m really looking forward to what kind of Body Beast results I can get! I hope you enjoyed my first Body Beast review, and I will continue writing reviews as I go through each workout. The plan is to officially start the Body Beast mass gaining program on the 16th, and am going to be forming and taking part in a Challenge Group to help me and the others stay committed. If you want to take part in my Body Beast Challenge Group, just email me at! Time to BEAST UP!

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  1. Josh Huffman /

    Just completed this DVD and OMG it is a burner. I was on fire by the halfway point. By the time I got to the 1 minute of dips I had to pause the DVD for 2 minutes. I think this is already going to be my favorite program.

  2. Josh /

    @Josh. This IS my new favorite program bro! BEAST UP!

  3. Jerry Bailey /

    Josh, how did you body beast results end up? I just started last monday!

  4. @Jerry. I ended up gaining 15 lbs, but I didn’t take after pictures because I had some personal family issues come up and wasn’t able to follow the program exactly for the last month. If I take show results, I want them to be from following the program and diet to a T! But the program works, that’s for sure.

  5. Josh –
    Saw body beast and decided to order it based on reviews. I ordered a bench hoping just for this workout. I started on Sunday with Chest/tris (doing the built version), followed by legs, then back/bis yesterday. Darn, I’m sore.

    I’ve P90X last year (still do it from time-to-time) and I just finished my second round of Insanity. My goal is to do cardio in the AM (with Insanity) and Body Beast after work as my weight program. Let’s just say I wan’t able to do insanity this morning because my muscles were so sore. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do shoulders after work. Love Board Beast Workout Program!

  6. @Ricky. Hey brother! Body Beast is awesome. Have you actually made me your coach yet? I’d love to help you through it.

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