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Week 5 Body Beast Review

So far so good! 5 weeks of the Body Beast mass gaining program down, 7 to go. When I checked in last week, I said that I was almost up to 180 lbs, but for some reason I have lost 4 lbs since then. Not sure what happened, and I even weighed myself in the middle of the day. I did make a few changes to my diet, though, not being so carb heavy late at night. In all honesty, it’s tough eating this many carbs! I love carbs, but holy cow, I feel like that’s all I’m eating. Instead, I’ve been eating protein snacks late, and the lower carbs and higher protein must be leading to some weight loss. Really, I have no idea what happened and that’s the best I can come up with! LOL! Regardless, I’m still up about 8 lbs since starting Body Beast.

The Body Beast workouts are going great. I’m really enjoying the new Bulk Chest workout, which involves a lot of flys and presses. I do wish they would have added in some barbell presses as well, but I can see how that would be an issue for people working out at home, since it is, well, a home workout program. However, I have my own bench and barbell and have decided to add in it there. Anyways, the progressive sets in the Bulk series really make it challenging, and I love a challenge and pushing myself. The toughest of the workouts so far would have to be Bulk Legs. I did it again yesterday with a few buddies of mine and dang, I thought I was going to have to pause and make a trip to the bathroom. I was pushing VERY hard yesterday, increasing the weights and doing a few more reps than the guys in the video, and there were a few times where I got a little light headed and nauseated, but I kept chuggin’ along. Today my legs are just ridiculously sore, so tomorrow I won’t be able to walk. If you’re not completely drenched by the end of this workout, you’re not doing it right.

I absolutely love the new Body Beast program and can’t wait to see what type of results I get after 90 days. Like I said before, I will post my “after” pictures once I have them! I have a feeling you’re going to see a very drastic change. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to email me at


  1. Jeff Wald /

    can’t wait to get on it next month after Kina & I finish the Ultimate Reset! Just started week 2 of that today. Keep beastin’ my friend!

  2. Steven /

    Hey Josh really excited about starting the Body Beast program. Ive done a few rounds of P90x and would usually do my workouts in the evening. This would be really tough sometimes after working all day. When I start Body Beast I want to try something different and do my workouts first the in the morning. What would you recommend for pre workout nutrition upon waking up? Pre workout supplement? Juice? Creatine? Or all 3? Just wondering since my stomach would be totally empty. I wanna have a good workout. Thanks for all your help and motivation!

  3. @Steven. Since you’re going to be trying to put on mass, it’s important that you take your supplements pre-workout. Take the creatine with the apple juice and that should be enough. You could probably take your pre-workout too, but I’m not. Also, am I your coach?

  4. Steven /

    The Body Beast book recomends taking the 10g o creatine post workout. Do you think its best to split
    It split it up before and after? Would i tell the difference? Yes you are my coach. I signed up a couple of years ago. Is there something i need to do different for you to know that? Hey thanks for the advice, cant wait to start!

  5. @Steven. Yeah, I split it before and after the workout.

  6. Hey Josh,

    I see from your reviews that you’re really enjoying Body Beast and doing “whatever it takes” to get results, I started my this week and so far it has been pretty good.

    I have one doubt, though, after the post-workout shake how often should one wait until the next meal? One hour or two hours?


  7. @AA. I wait about an hour and a half.

  8. Hey Josh, instead of mixing my pre workout supplement with water, would it be ok to mix it with my apple juice and creatin and take it all at once? I mentioned earlier I would be workin out first thing in the morning. Other than the taste would it cause any problems with effects or absorption ? Thanks!

  9. @Steven. I actually don’t know because I’ve never done it. I don’t know how well those mix and if there are any consequences in doing so.

  10. Just passing by reading your blog for the first time, and the comments kinda struck me there : NEVER EVER TAKE CREATINE right before working out. It can lead to severe hypoglycemia. This is a serious misuse of creatine and I recommend you read more about it…
    Take 10g bcaa 5-15min before working out or 30-40g whey and go for it. Warm up a little more than 2min too !

  11. @Jeremy. After all the research I have done on creatine over the years, this is something I have never come across, but will do more research on it. Thanks for posting.

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