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Brazil Butt Lift Workout Update

brazil butt lift reviewsIf you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you already know that I’ve been going through some of the Brazil Butt Lift Workout Program for the past 2 months. At first, the program was tough and I was getting pretty sore because I was doing workouts that I wasn’t used to doing. It was “confusing” my muscles once again, and I would be sore for a good 3-4 days. After a few weeks, my body started to adjust, so I decided that I was going to start adding in some weight to make the workouts tougher.

If you read other Brazil Butt Lift reviews, you know that Brazil Butt Lift doesn’t just work the butt, but works the entire lower half of the body. I have been getting sore in areas that I usually don’t get sore, like my inner thighs and outer bum. Most guys think that this workout program is just for women, but I have to disagree. If you think the workouts would be too easy, think again because they aren’t, especially if you decide to add in some weight like I’ve done. How did I add weight? With a 40 lbs weighted vest. I bought my weighted vest about a month ago and have been incorporating it into all my workouts, including Brazil Butt Lift. This takes the workouts to a whole new level! The other day I tried doing the “Bum Bum” workout for the first time with all 40 lbs in the vest, and I had to pause it 3 times during the workout to catch my breath. Before, I was using just 20 lbs, which was enough, but I wanted to increase the intensity, so I decided to go with 40 lbs. With the 40 lbs, you not only get in a great legs workout, but you just turned a regular resistance workout into both a cardio and resistance workout. That’s what happened with “Bum Bum.” Your legs are burning the entire time, but at the same time your heart rate is through the roof because you’re carrying 40 extra lbs.

If you’re a guy and looking for something else to add into your routine to work the legs, then think about getting Brazil Butt Lift. If you’re a girl and want toned, sexy legs, then you should think about Brazil Butt Lift as well! Melinda loves the program.

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  1. Hey Josh, I just started brazil butt lift. Let me tell ya, if you can do Bum Bum with a 40 lb vest, then you truly are a stud, because I have to pause multiple times without weights! This program really works your WHOLE lower body. I can totally see myself being able to run faster and jump higher after a few months of this. Good luck on X2, from the reads of your article…. it sounds very intense. Haha, I hope to one day being a beachbody stud like yourself and fly out to meet the big dawgs, Carl, Tony, Wayne, and yourself. You guys are an inpspiration to me, the fact that you do what you absolutly love, help others, and make a fine living off it, defines you as true entrepenuers, something that this country so very needs right now.

  2. @Jesse. Thanks man! Wait, are you already a coach?

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