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Butt Workouts for Men

Brazil Butt Lift ModelWell, let’s first get this out of the way. This isn’t something that you will see me writing about too often, and is a little uncomfortable talking about butt workouts for men, but none-the-less there are some guys out there who want to know. Yes, even us guys think about how to tone the tush, and I have enough pride in myself to actually admit it. Now that we have that out of the way, there are some great butt workouts for men out there, and the one that I have been doing lately is something that is targeted towards women, but can also be for men, and that’s Brazil Butt Lift.

If you read my Brazil Butt Lift review that I posted the other day, you know that I have been doing many of the workouts with Melinda lately. To be honest, I didn’t think that it would be intense enough for me to get in a great workout, but as soon as I tried my first Brazil Butt Lift workout, I quickly found out otherwise. Not only did I get in a great workout, my upper legs and butt were sore for a good 4-5 days! Since I experienced that kind of soreness, I found myself wanting more, so I’ve been doing many of the workouts for the past 2 weeks. The best that I’ve done so far are “Bum Bum” and “Tummy Tuck.” I can’t tell you all how long it’s been since my abs have been sore from an ab routine, but I can tell you that they were very sore for a good 2-3 days after “Tummy Tuck!” Brazil Butt Lift is for sure a program that I’m now going to work into my routine! So is Brazil Butt Lift for men? You better believe it! Check out the video that I recorded of me doing Brazil Butt Lift yesterday. Real men do BBL..

Ready to try Brazil Butt Lift? Click below!

Brazil Butt Lift


  1. uuuhhhhhh…how do i request a new coach? haha just kidding – I can see how tough it is 🙂

  2. Justin /

    WOW. It definaltely takes a real man to do Brazilian Butt Lift and post a video of himself doing it. Nobody can say you don’t bring it and LOVE it. Great video. My wife might be getting this from you now. I might try it out too if I can man up enough. Your a beachbody dream coach. You and Tony should be on the cover of MC2 coming up.

    You’ll always be P90X superstar though! BRINGING IT!

    Good Job Man!!

  3. @Justin. Haha thanks man!

  4. Juan Lajara /

    Great workout Josh! I see u got them ankle weights on. But I dont know who was funnier to me. The trainer in the video or Melinda yelling. Shake Your Bootty! LMAO! Great Video!

  5. Carlos B /

    Ok, Josh I will admit…I just got done with my very first BBL workout. I got a sweat ring going down all the way to my pants and the ab workout is killer!

  6. We need Befor and after pics in a bikini and that butt sake looks like ur running in place lol cool vid

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