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P90X Equipment

p90x equipmentMany of you who come to this site are either thinking about purchasing P90X or already have it and looking for some great tips. If you’re one of the ones thinking about purchasing it, you probably are wondering what’s the p90x equipment needed. In fact, one of the most common questions I get is “What equipment do I need for P90X?” Because there is resistance training involved, and not just cardio, there is going to be some p90x equipment needed that is necessary to have, but there is also some equipment that isn’t necessary, but is very helpful. So what P90X equipment will you need?

Let’s start with the p90x equipment required. You will need the P90X Chin-Up Bar and either dumbbells or resistance bands. Those are the bare minimum. If you’re tight on cash and can’t afford a set of dumbbells, then the resistance bands are a great alternative. The P90X Chin-Up bar is excellent and very durable. I’ve had mine for almost 2 and a half years now, and it’s still holding up great, and believe me, I’ve gotten my use out of it! It doesn’t involve any bolts or screws and fits in most doorways. Make sure you check out the specifics before purchasing.

Now, let’s move to the equipment that isn’t necessary, but very helpful. The first is the P90X Powerstands, which are push-up bars. Since using the push-up bars, I can’t train without them. They allow you to get a greater range of motion, which works your muscles more. Next, you have the Yoga Mat. I’ve tried doing Yoga on carpet, and it just isn’t very comfortable, so the Yoga Mat is something I highly recommend.

If you’re looking to purchase P90X and don’t have any of the equipment, you definitely want to check out the P90X Peak Results Package, which comes with P90X, both the Fitness and Nutrition Guides, the P90X Chin-Up Bar, resistance bands, and a month’s supply of the Recovery Formula, which I feel is a crucial supplement for proper recovery. So if you’re asking “What equipment do I need for P90X?”, your best bet is to go with the P90X Peak Results Package, which has everything you need to get started.


  1. i also recommend, the bow-flex select tech dumbells, if you can spend the extra cash that is. But when i first started p90x i used resistance bands and they worked great! Just had to upgrade after a few rounds of p90x.

  2. Just thought I’d add on about the P90X Chin-up bar vs. something like the Iron Gym Xtreme Pull-up Bar. Beachbody recently did a test comparing the two and there was a huge difference in quality. I myself at first had an Iron Gym bar and after a few months it started to fall apart and really wreck my door frame. The P90X bar has proven much more durable for me so far. There’s the link for it here as well.

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