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P90X Equipment

p90x pull-up barWhat P90X Equipment should I get? That seems to be a common question that I get asked, and it’s usually after they have already gotten the regular P90X, which just comes with the DVD’s, Fitness Guide, and Nutrition Guide. The fact is that you will need the P90X Pull-Up Bar, and either dumbbells or resistance bands. There is other P90X equipment that will help you maximize your results, like the P90X Push-Up Bars, and there is some that just make things more comfortable like the Yoga Blocks and Yoga Mat. So what P90X equipment do I recommend?

If you’re looking to purchase everything that you will need with P90X cheap, then you need to look into the P90X Peak Results Package. With the P90X package deal, you get the P90X DVD’s, P90X Nutrition Guide, Fitness Guide, 3  B-Lines resistance bands, and a months’ supply of the Recovery Formula, which is a supplement that I highly recommend. By purchasing the package, you can start the program as soon as it arrives! If you’re interested in the P90X Results Package, click here.

Like I mentioned above, other P90X equipment that I recommend are the Yoga Blocks, Yoga Mat, and P90X PowerStands, which are push-up bars. The P90X Push-Up Bars are excellent because they allow you to get a greater range of motion when doing push-ups, which helps you maximize your results. You have seen me post this before, but I don’t train without them anymore! Also, the Yoga Blocks are great, especially if you really struggle with Yoga in the beginning of P90X, which most people do. Last, the Yoga Mat is excellent so you aren’t slipping everywhere and can be comfortable when doing the moves.

If you have any questions about the equipment, feel free to post a comment.


  1. Roberto /

    Si hablas español y tienes dudas sobre P90X, Coaching, Nutricion, Ejercicios etc.. puedes comunicarte conmigo al siguiente email;
    (Josh’s Coach Team Member)

  2. D'evecque /


    congrats for your super body!

    Lemme ask you something: can I permanently do the the p90X program just with the 3 resistance bands? ‘Cause I don’t wanna keep buying dumbbells (the price goes up with the weight). It’s a lotta money to spend, and I will have to buy them often as my resistance improves.

    What do you think?

    Cheers from Brazil.

  3. You can use the resistance bands for P90X.

  4. Hi Josh,

    You are an inspiration!

    Was wondering if you use the P90x recovery drink or you make our own. I’m thinking of making my own. Do you have any tips or ingredients you would include?


  5. Josh /

    @Sam. Thanks! Yeah, I use the P90X Recovery Formula, and highly recommend it as well. It’s going to be tough to make one better with all the ingredients that the Recovery Formula has.

  6. Jorge /

    hi Josh
    im about to start p90x this week and im gonna give it my all!
    the only problem is my mom wont let me buy the pull up bar because she thinks its gonna screw up my door. i ofcourse have never used a pull up bar before so i have a question if i do use it and put it up on my door will it wreck up my door?
    And also is it necessary to have a pull up bar?
    will it affect the results alot?

  7. @Jorge. I put towels in between the bar and door frame so it doesn’t cause any damage to the frame. Also, yeah, pull-ups are a big part of the program and it’s important that you do them.

  8. Jorge /

    alright got it thanks!
    one more thing…
    just curious but how many pull ups did you do on day 1 compared to day 90
    so i can get an idea on how many i should start with

  9. @Jorge. I started off with about 4-5 wide grip pull-ups.

  10. Sabil /

    Day 1: 5
    Day 90: 16

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