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P90X Peak Results Package

P90X Peak ResultsI’ve had many people purchase P90X off this site lately, and one of the most common questions I get afterward is “What else do I need to get to do P90X?” Sure, it’s great to purchase P90X, but you are going to need to have a pull-up bar, and either dumbbells or resistance bands if you want to do it right. One other thing that I highly recommend to everyone is the Recovery Formula, which I have talked a lot about in past posts. Post workout recovery is super important, and I haven’t come across a better post workout supplement than the P90X Recovery Formula. Instead of purchasing all of these things separate, wouldn’t it be nice to get them all together at once? Well, now you have that chance with the P90X Peak Results Package.

The P90X Peak Results Package comes with the P90X Program with the DVD’s and Nutrition Guide, 3 resistance bands, the P90X Chin-Up Bar, and a months’ supply of the P90X Recovery Formula. This package contains everything you will need to get started with the program once it arrives at your house!

The resistance bands you will receive are the red, green, and black, which have a resistance of 30lbs, 40lbs, and 50lbs. As you well know, dumbbells can be very expensive, and the bands are a great alternative for a fraction of the cost. Tony and the crew shows you how to use resistance bands for all of the exercises in the DVD’s.

The P90X Chin-Up Bar is one of the best pull-up bars on the market! It’s extremely durable, and has mulitple padded grips, which you will need with many of the P90X and P90X Plus workouts. I have had my P90X Pull-Up Bar for 2 years now, and it is still holding up great! Plus, I can hang it in my doorway without any bolts or screws holding it up. You can learn more about the specifics of the bar by clicking here.

The P90X Recovery Formula is, again, one that I highly recommend to everyone! Many people underestimate the importance of post-workout recovery, and if you want your muscles to heal properly, you need to have a 4:1 carb to protein ratio, and that’s exactly what the Recovery Formula has. Check out my P90X Recovery Drink Review.

If you’re ready to take the P90X challenge, then the P90X Peak Results Package is perfect for you because it contains everything you need to get started! Remember, by purchasing anything from this site, you will also get me as your personal Beachbody coach, and I will be here to help you through the program! Get ready to BRING IT!

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  1. Jeff /

    Hey Josh, I was wondering if you ever take/took creatine when trying to build muscle. I’ve still been trying to lost weight for now, sticking to a fat shredder diet, but was wondering if there was any creatine you’d recommend. I’ve taken several kinds in the past, but really haven’t had any that jumped out at me as being truly superior so wondered what your insight was. Thanks in advance.

  2. Josh /

    Yeah, I’ve taken creatine before, but it’s not necessary with the P90X workouts. Just stick to the Recovery Formula and Whey Protein.

  3. This is actually the package I purchased from you! And I couldn’t agree more, it has everything! And I find…that most of the time the 30 lb band is more than enough for me. The only other thing I have are 2 and 5 lb weights. So I get a lot of use out of that red band!


  4. Jim B /

    Hey Josh, we’re practically neighbors. I’m about 10 miles west of Youngstown. Go Bucks! You have great tips!

  5. Haha awesome man! You’re not even an hour from me. I’m thinking about getting a group workout put together here soon, and will send an email to all of the people that I coach. You will get it as long as I’m your coach. If not, you can make me your coach by clicking on this link:

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