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P90X Pull-Up Bar

When I first purchased P90X, I wanted to do it right by also purchasing the P90X Pull-Up Bar. Beachbody didn’t have the Peak Results Package that they do now, so I had to get them separate. The P90X Chin-Up Bar actually arrived first, and I wasted no time in putting it together. The directions made it very easy to assemble, and about 5 minutes later I was ready to hang up the bar in my doorway to try it out. The great thing about the P90X Pull-Up Bar is that you don’t have to mount it into the wall. Instead, it fits most doorways (24″ – 32″), just as long as you have a frame and about an inch trim. It fit in my doorway just fine. It’s also important to know the total length of the bar, which is 41.25″.

Another great thing about the P90X bar is all the different grips, which become important as you do workouts like Chest & Back, Legs & Back, and Back & Biceps. Most pull-up bars don’t contain all the grips the P90X Bar does, which makes it hard to do certain exercises properly. There are actually 6 different grip positions, and you work different back muscles with each grip. As I’ve said before, I don’t think there is a better all-around back workout than pull-ups, and is the sole reason why I have a ripped back like I do today. I’ve even had people tell me I have a 6 pack in my back!

You might now be worrying that you might weigh too much for the P90X Pull Up Bar. Well, put your worries at ease, because the bar is made of heavy gauge steel and holds up to 300lbs. My best friend, who was a college football lineman, used to do the workouts with me, and he didn’t break the bar once!

The P90X Pull-Up Bar is one that I highly recommend if you want to do P90X properly. I’ve had mine for almost 2 years, and it’s holding up just fine, and you all know how much I work out. If you want to develop the back like the rest of your body, then you need to make sure that you have the proper bar to do the pull-ups. Aren’t you ready to get a ripped back?

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  1. Coach, I do alot of pull ups on the bar and get calluses(toughened skin) on my palm, there not ripped or serious, but do you have any advice to prevent them?

  2. Calluses are very normal, and I have them all over my hands from the workouts. It’s actually a good thing to develop caluses so that your hands don’t blister.

  3. Im really thinking about starting up the program, other than the pull up bar is there anything else that i should have before starting?

  4. You can find everything that you need for the program in the “Q&A” section.

  5. Great site!

    I am ready to start another round of P90x on Monday. I am 6’4″ and 250 lbs so pullups are a challenge. I am fortunate enough to have a lat machine at home and have used that instead of pullups. However, pushups are not as challenging. What can I do to make them more of a challenge?

  6. Use the lat machine for a while, but also try to do unassisted pul-ups as well. You’re eventually going to want to make the transition to all pull-ups. With the push-ups, slow it down and make sure you use proper form. You can also purchase push-up stands for you to get a greater range of motion. I use the stands, and they help tremendously.

  7. daniel /

    Dear Josh,

    I was genetically given skinny legs and have struggled with gaining body symmetry and size\definition in calves. My question is did p90x contribute to lower body gains as your upper body is evident?
    congratulations on your success and thanks for your time.

  8. Josh /

    Yeah, my lower body is just as developed as my upper body! The legs workout is excellent! If you purchase the program from this site, I will become your coach and be here to help you through the program.

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