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P90X Weighted Vest Review

p90x weighted vestIt’s been almost a month since I have purchased my 40 lbs P90X weighted vest to start using during my workouts, and I have incorporating it into many of the P90X workouts, such as Legs & Back, Back & Biceps, and Chest & Back. I have also been using it for the Brazil Butt Lift workouts, and to say that I have experienced soreness is really an understatement! This weighted vest has really amplified my workouts, and I’m starting to see the results from it. If you’re looking to gain mass with P90X, this is the way to go.

The first time I used the vest was for P90X Chest & Back. With the way the vest is designed, I’m able to take out and put in weights as I please. However, the first workout I decided that I was going to go all out and keep all 40 lbs in the vest, and it really wasn’t the smartest idea. At first I was able to get in quite a few push-ups and pull-ups, but after the first half I had nothing left. I could still rep out some push-ups, but was really limited on the amount of pull-ups I could get. After that workout, I decided that it would be smart to start off with a lower weight and work my way up, so I dropped down to 20 lbs. Right now with the 20 lbs I’ve been getting about 14-16 reps with all the pull-up exercises.

The other day was the first time that I have used the weighted vest for the P90X Legs & Back workout. 3 days later, I can still barely walk! My inner thighs, bum, quads, and calves are still very sore. I had been using extra hand-held weights for some of the workouts before, but the vest really takes the workout to a new level. Some of the exercises that I really felt it with are the Groucho Walks, wall-squats, calf raises, and a few others. With the calf raises, I decided that I was going to wear the 20 lbs vest, but also hold 45 lbs dumbbells in each hand. Talk about a burn! No wonder my calves hurt so bad today.

I thought that Brazil Butt Lift was tough to begin with, but then I tried the “Bum Bum” workout with the weighted vest. Oh man. Not only did it burn the heck out of my legs, but my heart was beating so fast during the workout that I had trouble catching my breath!

If you have hit a plateau and are wondering how to get beyond it, go out and purchase a vest to start using with your workouts. The weighted vest is a great tool to take your P90X workouts to the next level. I have noticed a drastic improvement in all the muscle groups since I have started using the vest, especially the legs, chest, and back. Yesterday I decided to take off the vest and do pull-ups and couldn’t believe how easy it was! It felt like I had gotten much lighter. I guess that’s almost like baseball players using a weighted doughnut for warm-ups before they go to bat, right?

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  1. Alberto /

    DUDE YOU ARE INSANE!! (of course in a good way) always trying to push beyond your comfort zone!! Now i have a doubt about that and about a comment i had with my Doctor. I would like to know the range of beats per minute you usually keep on your workouts (specially for those workouts that pushes you to the hardest level, like insanity i guess). I ask this because my range is about 175-180 beats per minute on the tough days (in my case: plyo, chest & back and legs & back days) but my doctor says i’m making my heart exhausted. It’s true, with P90X i can feel my heart banging from my chest and all the main veins in my body, but i also feel so much energetic and focused. I don’t have heart issues, and all my blood levels are normal, but since you seem to keep always in the line of fatigue (by mixing your workouts and increasing the difficulty on each of them) then i could have an idea if i’m exaggerating or not. This last monday i started phase 3 of my first round and i’m so excited to compare myself from back then when i started…

  2. @Alberto. I’m always trying to push myself in order to make more progress. My average heart rate during the tough workouts is right around yours at 170-180 bpm. However, there have been a few times during Insanity that it’s gotten up in the lower 190’s.

  3. Awesome Josh! Weighted vests work really well. A good alternative method that I used to use prior to purchasing my weighted vest was to simply wear a back-pack and throw some free weights in it!

    I must say though, the tension and friction of the back-pack straps really wears on your skin after a while and causes some agitation. The weighted vests are uber comfortable and dope flop around or give you a rash like the back-pack does! 1 up for the weighted vest!

  4. Great post, Josh. I’m looking to buy a weighted vest myself and was wondering what brand you bought? I’m only finding about two of them on my net searches, the Altus and the ZFO by Z fitness. Are they fairly comfortable, or does it dig into your neck a lot?


  5. @Brad. I’m actually not sure which brand it is, but I got it at Dick’s Sporting Goods. It was the only one they had available. The one that I have is very comfortable and doesn’t dig into my neck.

  6. austin /

    hey i was thinking of doing the first two months of p90x normal, but do the last month kinda extreme and use the weighed vest and start doubles, would that be ok and btw i get p90x for christmas

  7. @Austin. That’s going to be very hard on your body, especially using a weighted vest! You will have to be very careful and not over-train!

  8. austin /

    yeah now that i think of it, people master pullups mostly on day 60 so ill just do the 30 days right and do weighted vests on round 2

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