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Powerblocks Review

Yesterday, while sitting at the computer working on answering emails, Facebook messages, and Twitter tweets, I became just a little too burnt out and decided to become a little ambitious for the remainder of the day and go shopping. Now for those of you who don’t know me, I’m not a big shopper, and I don’t like to purchase things for myself, even if I can afford it. If there is something I need, I’m all about going out and buying it, but if it’s something that I want, it’s a little different story. For the past 6 or 7 months, I have been wanting to purchase either the Bowflex Selecttechs or the Powerblocks, but didn’t feel it was a necessity since I already have a set of free weights here at the house. While staring at the screen yesterday, I just kept thinking about how great it would be to not have to worry about switching weights out anymore, and suddenly I just decided that I was going to just go out and get one of them.

Now, which was I going to get? Selecttechs VS Powerblocks? That was the next decision after I told Melinda to pack up, get ready because we were going shopping! The first place that I stopped didn’t have the Powerblocks, but did have the Selecttechs. After messing around with them for a little while, I discovered that there was one thing in particular that I didn’t like, and it was the bulk. With the exercises that I do with P90X, One on One, and other Beachbody programs, the Selecttechs would really limit my range of motion and would mess up my form.

After I left that shop, I made my way to another shop, and it just so happened that they only had Powerblocks available. It was interesting because I walked in and saw only the Powerblocks displayed, and when I asked the salesman why that was, he said because the owner feels the Powerblocks are the best available. They had quite a few different versions of the Powerblocks out for display, and the one that really caught my attention was the urethane U-90 set. I messed around with them for a little while, and there were 6 things that I really liked about them: (1) they have a protective urethane covering over the metal plates, (2) there is a lifetime warranty on the them, (3) there are two padded bars for wrist support, (4) they are very quick and easy to change out for another weight, (5) you can add 2.5 lb weights very easily to each weight, and (6) they are no bigger than a normal dumbbell, even with the entire 90 lbs added. I told the guy I wanted to leave and check out a few other stores to price check.

After going to Dicks’ Sporting Goods, I decided to head back to the shop and make the purchase. It seemed like the overall best deal for the value. I purchased the Powerblocks U-90’s with the stand, packed it in the car, and headed back to the house to put it all together. After I assembled the stand, which didn’t take too long, I was ready for my first workout with them. A buddy of mine, Mike, came over and we tried them out for the first time doing a chest and triceps workout. Once I started working out with them, I discovered another thing I really liked, and that’s how balanced they were. We got in an excellent workout, and am very happy with my purchase of the Powerblocks.

When it comes to making the decision between the Powerblocks vs Selecttechs, remember, I did a lot of research, tried them both out, and the ones that I found to be the best are the Powerblocks. I feel I made the right decision and can’t wait to work out with them today! I hope you found my Powerblocks review helpful, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at


  1. Marvin /

    Josh- I use the same exact set and I love them except one thing. If you add just one of the 2.5 lb weights it begins to feel a little unbalanced doing certain moves. I don’t notice it if both of the weights are dropped in though. I just go up in 5 lb increments instead of 2.5. I mainly feel the uneven weight distribution on my wrist doing curls or anything where I have to have an extremely tight grip.

  2. Justin /

    I bought a set of Powerblocks a few months back and started my 2nd round of P90X with them… I agree with Josh that they are the best you can get in a selectable set of weights. I also agree with Marvin’s comment about how they fell a bit off balance with just one of the adder weights, but not to the point of where I can’t perform the reps. Bottom line, if you need to save space, Powerblocks are your best option!

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