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Resistance Bands Review

BandsWhen someone firsts contacts me who has just started the program, one of the most common questions I get is, “Should I get the resistance bands?” or “Will the bands work for me?” What is my answer? Yes. Why?

One of the things I like most about resistance bands is their portability. If you are in a profession where you travel often, it’s near impossible to carry around all those heavy dumbbells, making the resistance bands an excellent alternative. They fit easily into your suitcase and you don’t have to sacrifice some of your workouts just because you go on a trip. There are many people that I coach who are pilots, and without the resistance bands they wouldn’t be able to get in the proper P90X workout. There is a kit that allows you to attach the bands to a door so you can get in a better workout, especially with the back exercises. In the P90X DVD’s, Tony shows how to replace pull-ups with bands exercises.

Also, dumbbells usually are very, very expensive, and you can purchase the entire resistance bands set for a fraction of the price of an entire set of free weights. If you don’t have access to a set of weights at home, I encourage you to look into the bands. They come in all sorts of different resistances, ranging from 5 lbs up to 50 lbs, allowing both men and women to get in a great workout.

So can you get in an excellent workout with resistance bands? Of course!


  1. hey i have a everlast punching bag that i was thinking of setting up in my home gym, and i was wondering what would happen if i used that for the kenpo x workout rather than just punching air. would this be a bad idea, or ruin the kenpo workout in any way?

  2. I think that’s an excellent idea, and would intensify the workout.

  3. When you went through the P90x did you use the resistance bands or dumbbells?

  4. I actually started with both the resistance bands and dumbbells, but moved to all dumbbells around the 3rd week.

  5. Jacinda /

    Do you have any idea what the resistance bands are made of? I’m allergic to latex, and I’m having a difficult time trying to find any resistance bands that aren’t made from “latex”, “natural rubber”, etc. If they are not “latex-free”, do you have any idea where I might find some? I know they are available, but very limited.

  6. Unfortunately, our resistance bands are made of natural rubber, and I’m not too sure where you can find some either.

  7. Hey josh your body transformation is simply amazing, i wanted to know what was the weight of the dumbells when you began P90x and what weight are you curling now with the dumbells.

  8. When I first began the program, I was using a range from 10 lbs to 50 lbs. Now, I use a range from 20 lbs to 90 lbs.

  9. Marvin /

    I was wondering…I know there are different benefits from both resistance bands and free weights…is there a way to effectively incorporate both into the p90x workout? I ordered p90x but i’m stuck between purchasing dumbbells, resistance bands or both. I know there are things you can do weight free weights that are probably more effective with resistance bands and vice versa and i want the maximum results

  10. You’re right, and there are exercises that would be better with resistance bands and others with dumbbells. Ideally, it would be great to have both, but I understand that isn’t always possible. If I were to choose one, I would choose the dumbbells.

  11. Justin /

    Hey Josh,


  12. I feel that the dumbbells will help you gain more mass.

  13. Hey i was wondering what would get you stronger and bigger biceps and triceps dumbbells or resistance bands.

  14. They both work, but I like dumbbells the best. However, dumbbells can be very expensive, so the resistance bands are a great alternative.

  15. Dominic /

    Hey I was wondering what would be a good weight for dumbells to buy. I ordered the bands, but I want to mix it up sometime. Currently, I can arm curl 50lbs x 6 reps each arm and shoulder press 85lbs x 6 reps. Any suggestions?

  16. When I first started the program, I used a range from 10lbs to 55lbs. However, since you already have a good muscle base, you should aim for a range from 20lbs to about 90lbs, which is what I use. Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, you can do so by clicking on this link:

  17. Drew /

    great post josh.

    I am using resistance bands (bodylastics) and although i love dumbells, I have seen some very unique benefits with the bands.. the biggest one being resisted pushups where I put the bands over mt back and then push ups against the bands. Sort of like a weighted vest I guess

  18. @Drew. I’ve never thought of doing that before. Great idea bro!

  19. Frank /

    Great results….

    You mentioned you used dumbells and resistance bands, in the first 3 weeks…what size and color bands from day 1 to 40?


  20. Josh /

    @Frank. I actually can’t remember what exact bands I used, but I used a range of dumbbells from 10 lbs to 55 lbs during my first round.

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