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Weighted Vest Exercises

P90X Weighted VestFor the past 3 months I have been talking about doing some weighted vest exercises, and purchasing a weighted vest to add in with my P90X, Insanity, and One on One workouts, but I just haven’t actually taken the plunge until now. Yesterday I decided to head over to Dick’s Sporting Goods and purchase an adjustable 40 lbs weighted vest and incorporate it into my workout routine. The great thing about the vest that I got is that I can remove and add weights as I please. I don’t think that it’s going to be physically possible to do an entire Insanity workout with 40 extra lbs strapped to my chest, but it may be with 10-20 added pounds of weight. However, one day I might feel crazy, maybe from being on an energy rush from 1.M.R. and try the 40 lbs, but who knows. If that day comes, I will make sure I let you all know!

Weighted Vest Review

I was so excited to get the vest yesterday that I immediately wanted to try it out when I got home, so I decided to do P90X Chest & Back, but with the entire 40 lbs in the vest. about a rough workout. I actually surprised myself with the push-ups and was able to pump out quite a few reps, but the pull-ups is where I took a hit. I started out doing 12 wide grip pull-ups, but that was the most I got during the entire workout for any exercise. I was able to get something like 10 reps for reverse grip and 7-8 for close-grip. However, those numbers drastically decreased as I moved to the 2nd half of the workout. I could only get 5-6 wide grips and then even less on the others. When I was finished with the workout, my shirt was completely drenched and I was literally exhausted. I drank Shakeology for a recovery drink and then crashed for the remainder of the evening.

I’m anxious to do some more weighted vest exercises, and the one workout I’m really looking forward to trying the vest with is Brazil Butt Lift. I have been doing many BBL workouts for the past 3 weeks, and I absolutely love them. I did a workout 3 days ago and my legs and butt still hurt to this day. If I’m sore just by using 2.5 lbs ankle weights, I can’t even imagine how sore I will be after using the weighted vest. I’m pretty excited to try it out and I will let you all know how it goes.

If you’re interested in learning more about P90X, check out my P90X Review!


  1. Hey,

    Man that is sick! 40lbs… Good work.

    All the Best,


  2. Good post Josh. I did Plyo yesterday with a 35lb vest. Killer workout. Legs and back with a vest is another one I like. Don’t think I’ll attempt Insanity with it on. Heck I take my shirt off on that one just so my swet doesn’t weight me down.

  3. @Cody. Haha thanks man!

  4. You bought a 40lbs vest but couldn’t pick up a decent hat? =) Roll Tide.. Can’t wait for the season man.. You goin thru withdrawls like me yet?

  5. Greg Garland /

    Ooh-rah Josh!!!!! Now that’s being a hard charger. Good Job Man!!!

  6. Josh, any concerns on the impact to your back or joints using the weighted vest during workouts?

  7. Hey I just wanted to know how much did you pay for your vest?

  8. Josh: I have been using a weighted vest for my last 2 rounds and its a killer. Try it on Legs/Back for all the pull ups as well…that will hurt ya. I have mine adjusted to 30lbs right now. I think I might move it up to 40 after seeing this :).

  9. @Sean. It’s pretty crazy man! I might drop down to 20 or 30 for a while because I wore myself out pretty quickly.

  10. @Rudy. About $120.

  11. @Ryan. Not yet man.

  12. @Josh. Haha I’m pretty excited for it to start man. Just a few more weeks!

  13. Martin /

    Hey Josh!

    I like your articles but this one is special – there is a photo.
    I wish there were more photos in your articles 🙂

  14. @Martin. I’ll try to add more!

  15. Carson /

    Im almost done with phase 1, I’m 5’11 165ish. I of course want to get more ripped. But a goal of mine is to be dunking by basketball season. I too have a weighted vest, i’m curious, will that help? did your vertical increase?

  16. @Carson. Yeah, my vertical increased with P90X. The vest will definitely help because it’s added resistance to help you develop the muscles in the legs.

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