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Beachbody Events

Dallas Carter and Josh SpencerLast weekend we had another Beachbody Event in Washington D.C. and I feel absolutely blessed to be a part of the Beachbody Community. Every time all of us coaches get together, there is an unexplainable energy that lingers in the room, one full of positivity that motivates the hell out of me! There is just something about getting together with like-minded people who have a passion for helping others, especially with helping people change their lives through fitness. This is part of my job. I get to travel around the country, spend time with other coaches who have become great friends, have fun, and learn about the business and how I can take it to the next level. Really, this doesn’t feel like a job, but is just something that I absolutely love doing. I’ve been to business conferences before, and Beachbody Events are absolutely no comparison. Most businesses conferences are boring, and that’s a word that you definitely can’t use to describe Beachbody Events.

Last weekend in D.C. I got to meet in person many of the coaches on my team that I’ve been working with for a long time, but just haven’t got to meet in person yet. We had an absolute blast! For the entire event, which was a training event called the Game Plan Training, we hung out as a group and had a great time sharing ideas, tips, and just getting to know one another. Between Barbie’s team and mine, we made up 20% of the attendees! That’s truly amazing, and our goal is to make it 50% here in the near future, which I know we will accomplish. Our teams are absolutely exploding, and we are always looking for people who have that desire to help people and willing to work for their success. If you want to become part of this successful team, email me and we will set up a call to talk more about it.

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