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Exercises for the Forearms

The one area of the body that I feel P90X does not focus any attention on is the forearms! So, for the past 2 years I’ve had to come up with my own forearm exercises because I don’t want my biceps looking huge and forearms looking puny! Today, I’ve decided to post some exercises for the forearms.

(1) Wrist curl. This is an excellent forearm exercise and one of my favorites. You will need a weight that you will be able to curl about 20-25 times. For me, that’s a 30lbs dumbbell. For those of you who haven’t worked the forearms too much, that will probably be much less. Sit down in a chair with your forearm on your leg and wrist right at the end of your knee, palm facing up. With the weight in hand, curl all the way up, and then all the way back down.

(2) Reverse wrist curl. This is just the same as #1, but your palm will be facing down.

(3) Behind the back barbell wrist curl. This time, you are going to hold a barbell behind your back, palms facing away from you, and curl up 20-25 times. You can also use dumbbells for this as well.

(4) Sand grab. This is one that we used to do all the time for baseball training. Fill up a bucket full of sand, reach in, squeeze a hand full of sand, and then release. Repeat until you feel you’ve worked the forearms enough!

If you really want to work the heck out of your forearms, do 1-3 in a row right at the end of your workout! You won’t be able to grip anything for a good 30 minutes! These are all some great exercises for the forearms.

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  1. Preston /

    So just do the first three exercises you posted above and do one superset of them? Or do like 3 supersets?

  2. Justin /

    I always wondered about how p90x worked for the forearms, because there weren’t any workouts specifically for them.

    Thanks, i don’t want large biceps and triceps with puny forearms either haha.

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