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Body Beast

Body Beast

OK, this is something that I’m absolutely PUMPED about! In case you haven’t yet heard, Beachbody is coming out with a new program that focuses on gaining mass called Body Beast. I know this fires up many of the people that I coach because I’ve been getting questions like “how do I gain mass with P90X” for a long time, and now I can just direct them to this new program. The new Body Beast workout is going to ROCK!

In case you don’t know my story, I went through P90X back in 2008 because I was overweight and needed to lose weight. After I went through P90X, lost 25 lbs, I got very lean and wanted to switch goals from losing weight to gaining mass. That’s when I went through another round of P90X, but made some major adjustments to the program, supplements, and diet in order to gain mass. For example, I increase my calorie intake from 1,800 per day to around 2,800, started taking creatine and more whey protein, and cut out a lot of the cardio workouts since burning calories wasn’t my goal. These changes helped me gain back quite a bit of weight WITHOUT gaining body fat, and made me much stronger. Since then, I have switched back and forth between leaning out and gaining mass just to keep me motivated to continue pushing forward. I always have to have something to aim for! Because I was able to gain mass with P90X, many people have come to me wondering what I did in order to do so, and even though what I told them worked, it wasn’t an exact plan to follow. Now with Body Beast there is an EXACT diet for gaining mass and workout plan that you follow for 90 days to gain muscle that you want!

Like I just mentioned, Body Beast is going to be a 90 day program that’s going to help you increase mass. I was actually just out there in Tahiti with one of the people who were in the test group in the program, and he said that he gained around 12 lbs with the new mass gaining program! One of his coworkers went through the program as well and ended up having very similar results. He said that the diet plan is completely laid out there for you, and that he had to actually take in around 6,000 calories per day, which seems like a lot, but necessary for someone like him who is skinny and wanted to gain mass. When you have a fast metabolism, that’s what it takes to get results! I asked him about mass gaining supplements as well, and he mentioned it involved a lot of whey protein and creatine, which is what I always recommend. After looking at his “after” photo, his results were CRAZY! It’s awesome knowing someone who actually went through the program and got results with it.

If you’re skinny and want to gain mass or just want to switch up your goals a little, Body Beast is going to be a great program to help you do so. After I get done with the Ultimate Reset and with the traveling I’ll be doing for the next few months, the plan is to start Body Beast and see just how much mass I can gain. I will be starting Challenge Groups for this program once it comes out, and I will update you more on this one I know the exact release date. If you want to be updated on the new Body Beast program, make sure you add me as your Beachbody Coach, and email me at


  1. Sounds like the mass gaining program many people need!

  2. Josh Huffman /

    This is awesome. I am already on board. What kind of release date are we looking at?

  3. Josh /

    @Josh. Not too sure yet. I will keep you all updated once I hear something!

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