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How Do I Get Ripped Abs?

P90X AbsHow do I get ripped abs?” I even think that I typed this in Google many times while back in high school and college. No matter how hard I tried, I never could figure out how to get ripped abs. It was frustrating really, and I always blamed my genetics for not allowing me to get that desired 6 pack. Don’t get me wrong, there were many times when I thought they were going to reveal themselves, but the little guys always seemed to be covered by this tiny thin layer of fat that was impossible to get rid of! I remember switching up my routine, adding in running every day, but no matter how hard I tried, nothing worked! Talk about frustrating! It all changed when I discovered P90X and learned the secret to ripped abs.

What’s the big secret? It’s called EATING HEALTHY! Looking back, the one thing that I never really changed was my diet, and that was stopping me from achieving my goals. I was active as heck by playing baseball and working out every single day, and that was the only thing that was keeping me in decent shape, but my diet was terrible. My family absolutely loved to eat out and order in, and my diet consisted of fried chicken fingers, french fries, pizza, ice cream, cookies, spaghetti, and anything else that you can think of that’s unhealthy for you. Carbs were my best friend, especially sugar, and for those of you who don’t know, simple carbs spike insulin levels and promote fat storage. Now it makes sense! I didn’t know better back then, but I learned those interesting facts while going through P90X.

Once I started P90X, I knew that I had to follow the diet because I wanted to commit myself 100% to the entire program. The P90X infomercial said that I would get the results I wanted, just as long as I followed the Nutrition Guide and the workouts, so I wanted to test that out by doing exactly what was recommended. It worked. I didn’t think it was possible to get ripped abs fast, but I got that ripped 6 pack just 40 days into P90X! Ever since I’ve started, I have completely committed to a healthy lifestyle, and eating healthy is now just a part of my daily routine.

So now you know that if you’re wondering how to get ripped abs, the key is the diet! Commit to working out every day and to a healthy diet and you will see results!

Learn about the program that changed my life, P90X, by checking out my P90X Review!


  1. Very true. My story is similar to yours. I’ve been an athlete most of my life, was in pretty good shape just because of how active I was…but never really ate properly and therefore never had visible abs.

    Now I’m about to turn 42 and thanks to P90X and proper nutrition (I don’t like the word “diet”) I can finally see my abs. It took me a little longer than the 40 days it took you but I was starting with a little more fat around the midsection than you did. I started at 230 lbs and am now down to 188.

    Proper nutrition is the key people!

  2. @Dan. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am currently on p90x and closely following the diet guide, but I found I haven’t gotten as much of a fat loss in phase 2 than I did in phase 1 (I did days 1-28 following phase 1 of the plan, and the following days using phase 2. I should start phase 3 by next week if all goes well). Would you suggest I go back to fat shredder for the last month of the program or just stick to the diet guide and hit phase 3 to get the best results?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. @Frank. Move on to Phase 3 or stick with Phase 2. It all depends on your fat loss progress.

  5. I don’t cook much but I’ve been sticking with light meals with at least 20 grams of protein with each meal. I’ve been working super hard for the 6 pack and have the 4 but came seem to lose the last bit of fat it’s so frustrating! Any ideas on how I can change up my diet to achieve my 6 pack?

  6. Also I like fairly quick meals, I tend to have a tbsp Of pb and a 1/2 cup of fat free cottage cheese before I go to bed to keep protein synthesis going. But ya the lost trouble is the little fat left on the love handles and lower abs!

  7. @Joey. Are you going through P90X or another Beachbody program? If not, I recommend P90X.

  8. I’ve gone through a round of p90x, i just got p90x plus and will probably add in the cardio routines, can I do those 4-5 times a week to speed up fat loss? One last question, I’m 6’1 and weight 198, mostly muscle now, how many calories do you think I should be eating? I’m following the diet now 🙂 50/30/20 protein/carbs/fat. So wiped after the NO explode from this morning haha, i should probably cycle. You got me started on p90x, I have so many people that do it with me now daily cause of you!

  9. Currently taking in 206 protein, 130 carbs and 35.5 fats. I really gotta learn how to spread out the meals, I get hungry rather fast.

  10. 1,711 Calories Total. Haha don’t mean to spam, keep forgetting to add things.

  11. @Joey. That’s not a terrible ratio, but you really need to increase the calories. 1,700 is rather low.

  12. @Joey. It depends on what your current goals are. When I do too much cardio, I lose a lot of fat, but I also lose a lot of muscle. When I look the best is when I do all resistance and maybe one cardio per week.

  13. Oh okay thanks a lot! I saw you helping out other with how many calories a day they should be eating. I’m currently trying to cut so I can see my 6-pack. I’m 6’1 and weigh about 197. How many calories should I be eating? About how much cardio should I add in to achieve this? Still following phase 1 of fat shredder.

  14. @Joey. First of all, am I your coach? If not, you can make me your coach by going to this link:

    At your height and weight, take in around 2,300-2,400 cals per day if you’re looking to lose some weight and body fat. Also, you need to follow what the program recommends in terms of cardio workouts.

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