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How To Increase the Intensity!

So, many of you who have gone through a month or so of P90X tend to think that Kenpo and Plyometrics get a little too easy. Well, I’ve got some ways for you to increase the intensity, and I guarantee you won’t think that again! Believe me, from doing P90X for over two years, Plyos and Kenpo is more like a warm-up for me now, so whenever I do decide to do those exercises, I’ve got to do some things different if I really want to get in a good workout! How about ankle and hand weights? Ohhh bring the INTENSITY!

Last week I made a post about using a weighted vest for the push-ups and pull-ups, so it just makes sense to talk about the benefits of using hand and ankle weights as well. Like I mentioned, adding in extra resistance increases the intensity and can help you get beyond a plateau, especially with resistance exercises like push-ups and pull-ups. I have been using 30lbs for my pull-ups for the past month, and decided to try pull-ups without the weights yesterday, and was able to increase my reps from about 24 to 30! The same goes for cardio workouts like Plyos and Kenpo. If you use hand and ankle weights with cardio workouts, then you are going to take the intensity to the next level.

What you can do is purchase either 2 2.5lbs or 5lbs ankle weights and where them during Plyometrics or Kenpo. If you didn’t think you could get your heart rate up enough to get in a good cardio before, well you won’t have to worry about that anymore. The added weight to your body makes your body work harder, increasing the heart rate, and helping you burn more calories and get into better cardiovascular condition! Think about doing jump knee tucks with 10 extra lbs on your legs! OUCH! Not only will you increase your heart rate and burn more cals, you’re also going to be working the heck out of your legs! If you’re not sore the next day after doing this, then you are a true machine!

For those of you who think that 10lbs is nothing, then try using the weighted vest for your workout. I’m going to be using a 40lbs vest, and I can’t even imagine what that will be like doing Plyometrics. No, I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan on doing so soon! Believe me, I will make a post letting you all know what I think.


  1. Using ankle weights can hurt your knee no ? i think , all the weights go on your knee, i think back pack is ok but ankle weight .. are you shure ?

  2. Good post and very true! After doing a few sets of pull ups with my 20lb vest they seem alot easier! I could just imagine how much my rep count would go up after using it for a few weeks!

  3. If you have knee problems, I don’t recommend using ankle weights. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself!

  4. hey josh do you sell on your site one vest with weigt ten we can cange it ?

  5. I actually don’t have a vest available for sale on the site. Sorry man!

  6. Brain /

    Hey Josh,

    I know exactly what you mean about bringing more intensity to the plyo and kempo workouts. Infact, I actually sub the kempo for plyo and I do the plyo workout in my complete set of goalie equipment. This has helped greatly increase my dryland performance for hockey training. The added weight is about 30lbs, but distributed evenly over the entire body. The range of motion is not affected and I can do all the moves properly, including the stretching. I am experimenting with new combinations to keep it interesting, please keep posting different ways to BRIING IT!

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