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Insanity Asylum Update

Most of you know that I have been doing an Insanity Asylum and P90X One on One hybrid for almost a week now, and really, it’s going great! I’m pleasantly surprised at the results I’m getting (down 6 lbs) and how much I enjoy the program. So far I’ve been through 3 workouts: Speed & Agility, Strength, and Vertical Plyo, and each of them are unique in their own way, but yet very intense. I’ve been following the diet to an absolute “T” for the the past week, and not only am I seeing significant weight loss, but fat loss as well, along with an increase in energy and stamina. I made an Asylum review the other day on the Speed & Agility workout, but I haven’t talked much about the other two yet, so I’m going to take some time to go over one of the two.

Strength is a great workout, period. Like I mentioned in my last Asylum review, the one thing that I’m really enjoying about the program is that there is a lot more strength training involved, something I felt lacked in the original Insanity. Strength combines high intensity cardio training with strength training, a combination that will surely lead to a ton of calories burned! There are some exercises where you’re working just about every major muscle group in the body. There is one where you’re holding dumbbells while in a squat, curl, press, and then jump and do a 180, and repeat that a number of times, working the legs, shoulders, and biceps. There is another back exercise that involves static repositioning while in the pull-up position, meaning you pull yourself up and hold yourself there, switching to different grips every few seconds. I’m not going to go into any more detail about the Asylum workout, but I can assure you that you will be sweating after this one, just like the rest!

The Asylum diet is awesome. At first it was a little intimidating because there are so many unique foods being used, but now that I’ve been on it for a week, I’m really enjoying it! It does take a little longer to prepare, but if I was going to follow the Asylum workouts, I was going to make sure I committed myself 100% to the entire program, which includes the diet. It’s pretty interesting because I was the one who had to go shopping for all this food since Melinda was sick, and I was in the produce section searching for everything for a good hour or so. The stock lady was probably getting annoyed with me because I had no idea where anything was, nor knew what to look for. When it was all said and done, my cart was full of produce! The diet involves eating 5-6 times per day, each meal consisting of anywhere from 300-400 calories, all depending on your height and weight. I’m taking in about 1,800 calories per day and Melinda is right around 1,200, and we seem to be comfortable, not starving, at the end of each night. At about 9-10 PM it calls for another meal, and that’s when I’ve been drinking my Shakeology, which I blend with almond milk, ice, and a tablespoon of natural chunky peanut butter. What I’ve noticed is that my metabolism has definitely sped up eating this many small meals per day, and I’m usually a little hungry about an hour to an hour and a half after I eat my previous meal.

So far Asylum has been a great program, and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level! It’s tough, but will get you ripped!

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  1. Alex /

    Would you recommend for a person to have done Insanity before this or would 2 or 3 rounds of P90X have been enough?

  2. Josh /

    @Alex. 2-3 rounds of P90X should be enough.

  3. Luke /

    Josh, does your caloric intake include your protein shake and recovery drink post-workout? Or do you consider those as one of your meals? Because it seems like such a small amount of calories for such an intense workout, especially considering how you have a bunch of muscle and probably burn through a huge amount. The 1800 calories is a huge shift from the traditional P90X/Insanity diets which recommended 2500 calories for me at 165 pounds

  4. Josh /

    @Luke. I have stopped taking whey protein for awhile, but still taking the Recovery Drink, and yes, I do count it in my calories. The reason I’m able to maintain my muscle mass is because I have a very inactive lifestyle, to where I’m usually sitting in front of the computer all day, so I don’t burn many cals from daily activities.

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