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Jon’s Insanity Asylum Review

I’ve only been through a couple of the workouts, but one of the people that I coach, Jon, has been through just about all of them, so I figured it would be great to hear about Asylum from his perspective! Here’s his Insanity Asylum Review..

John’s Asylum Review

“Speed & Agility. Anyone who does any type of sport should be doing workouts like these. Shaun T forces you to use balance and hand eye coordination. The new tool to play with here is an agility ladder and it forces you move quickly and accurately. The first time I did this workout I was a little rough around the edges, but the second was much smoother. Movements are based on moving in and out of the ladder as quickly and as accurate as possible.

Strength: This time around Shaun T brought in the use of dumbbells(or bands). It is a total body cardio resistance day and it will push you. Overall it is a solid routine, but the one thing I feel is missing is more arm exercises. For this I was using 30lb dumbbells and it was difficult. Shaun T wants proper form, control and speed put together. The push up/pull up pyramid is a killer, which is 1 pull up 1 push up, 2 pull ups, 2 push ups and so on and so on.

Back to Core: This is completely different from every other core routine. Shaun focuses on your entire core front to back on this one. The use of the two bands (green and red), which came with the program are put to use. There are several isometric holds for your back which left me screaming. One thing I can say is i’ve done this workout twice now and my posture is improving!

Vertical Pylo: WWWWWOOOOOWWWWWW……. Haha, this is difficult. It’s hard to describe this one, but it is unlike any plyo routine i’ve done. (p90x, Insanity, One on One). This is easily the hardest workout as of right now. It’s not just jumping up and down Shaun T has put in various push ups with bands around your hands and feet while moves through the agility ladder. It’s the most difficult of the four and is why Shaun T said this program is not for beginners!!!”

– Jon

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