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Insanity Cautions

InsanityNow that I’ve been doing Insanity for the past month or so, I have discovered both the good and bad things associated with the program. Although the good definitely outweigh the bad, there are still a few things that might caution people from trying this extreme workout, and I’ve listed them below..

(1) The Insanity Workout Program isn’t for beginners! Insanity is a crazy intense program and you really need to be in decent shape to go through the workouts. I’ve been doing P90X, One on One, and P90X Plus for over 2 years now, and even I have to take a few breaks while going through the Insanity workouts. The warm-up is comparable to P90X Plyometrics, which should put it into perspective. I literally have a steady drip of sweat coming from my forehead during the stretching that takes place after the warm-up. I would say that Insanity is for people who are already in decent shape and looking to take their cardiovascular endurance and fitness to a whole new level. It’s an excellent program for P90X grads.

(2) Insanity is tough on the knees and back! Make no mistake people, this program is hard on the joints. There is jump training, side to side motion, squats, push-ups, suicides drills, etc. in just about every Insanity workout. If you’ve had knee or back issues in the past, I would look into a program with less impact, such as P90X or even Slim in 6. If you are going to do Insanity, make sure that you get shoes with enough padding to soften the impact.

(3) Insanity is a cardio based program. If you’re looking to gain mass, Insanity is not the program you should be going through. I did Insanity for two weeks straight without adding in any resistance training, and I lost a little bit of muscle mass. The reason is because the Insanity workouts are very intense, and you can burn anywhere from 800-1,300 calories per workout! However, you can always create a P90X/Insanity hybrid if you’re looking to gain mass, which is what I did. Instead of doing Insanity every day, I follow the P90X workouts, but substitute the P90X cardios for Insanity workouts. I actually have a P90X/Insanity Hybrid workout already made up in one of the recent posts.

Like I said above, I love Insanity and I’m very glad that I’ve incorporated it into my routine. I’ve never come across a program that makes me push myself the way Insanity does. If you’re someone looking for a great cardio routine and not looking to gain a lot of muscle, but want to lose fat, Insanity is the program for you.

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