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Insanity Review

My Insanity Review

I have been using a number of Beachbody programs for the last year and a half, and they have all been amazing! I have been combining programs like P90X, One on One, and P90X Plus to keep me from hitting a plateau, and now I have another program to add to my collection, and I’m very excited about it! However, this workout is seperating itself from the rest, and is quickly establishing itself as the bad boy of all workouts!

I have had many customers of mine and even some coaches try it, and they all preach by the program. They all have said that it is by far the hardest program they have ever tried, even harder that P90X! I have seen some of their progress pics and really can’t believe the results they have gotten. I have one coach, Carter, who felt like he hit a plateau with P90X, so he tried Insanity, and he broke beyond that plateau and is now ripped! He asked me to put together a video of his Insanity transformation to put on YouTube, and I literally could not believe how great of results he had gotten! He had come to me before he tried Insanity and asked why he couldn’t develop his abs, but he no longer has to worry about that because he has a well-defined 6 pack. It’s really unbelievable what these people are achieving in just 60 days!

Insanity is a high intensity program in which you burn up to 1,000 cals per hour, which you usually don’t find from any other workout program. Now that is intense! When you receive the package, you will receive a book to hold the DVD’s and the Elite Nutrition Book, which helps you stay on the right track with your diet. You will also receive a calendar that shows you which Insanity workout to do for crazy results! However, I have to warn you that Insanity is a very high impact workout! You will be jumping around every which way, so if you have knee problems, I recommend trying another program.

So who is Insanity for?

  • People already in decent shape looking to take their fitness to the next level.
  • People looking to get rid of that stubborn layer of fat.
  • People looking to tone up the abs.
  • Anyone looking for a challenge!

If you think you’re ready to take the Insanity Challenge, then click below to try it today!

Are you ready for the most intense home workout program to hit the markets yet? Want to take your fitness to the extreme and get that hard bod you have always dreamed of? Then it’s time for you to get Insanity NOW!

What is Insanity? Insanity is a super intense 60 day fitness program created by famous fitness trainer Shaun T that focuses on MAX Interval Training to get you ripped! MAX Inerval Training involves long bursts of high intensity exercises followed by short periods of rest. With this revolutionary workout, you will burn up to 1,000 calories per hour and get into amazing shape in just 60 days!

Will I need any equipment? NO! The great thing about this program is that it uses your body weight for all exercises! All you need is the determination and will power (as well as a towel) to commit for 60 days! If you think you’re ready, then click below!

Our Price: $119.85


  1. John S /

    Just ordered Insanity through your site.. I made sure I was logged in! I will be starting Dec 28th!

  2. Awesome man! Thanks! Get ready to SWEAT! Keep me updated.

  3. Just got the workout, and am super excited to start! Just wondering, will it shape the legs as effectively as the abs? I want to tone up the abs, but am REALLY interested in toning up the legs. Thanks!

  4. Because of your question, I just added a new post! Check it out:

  5. James /

    I just ordered insanity and i also bought some protein to build mass. I am a 150 lb senior and looking to be about 180 before the year is up or even more. I was wondering if i use insanity i know it will get me ripped but will it give me bulk too? I was wondering if i should do insanity first then when im complete i should start on protein?

  6. I recommend adding in some extra heavy resistance training if you’re looking to gain some mass. I recommend that for P90X as well. Also, you need to start taking whey protein right away. Once in the morning and once after your workout is best.

  7. Carlos A. /

    Hello Josh. I am currently doing insanity starting week two, I was wondering if u recommend taking any supplements other than the recovery drink and multivitamins.. Everyday I also drink whey protein with a smoothie.. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  8. It sounds like you are taking the supplements that you need to take! The only thing you might want to look into is a pre-workout supplement called Jack3d.

  9. Carlos A. /

    I will check it out.. Thanks a lot

  10. Russell /

    I’m taking NO-explode for my pre-workout drink and it works pretty well. I’m almost done my first container so I’m wondering if you would suggest jack3d over NO-explode?

  11. I see that you recommend this program for individuals already in decent shape. Is there a better program for those that are not in decent shape? I am not terribly obese and have a little lower than decent endurance. Do you think Insanity might still be a good idea for someone like myself? Thank you!

  12. I actually like Jack3d much better than NO-Explode!

  13. You can either go with Power 90 or P90X, which are both not as intense as Insanity. P90X is more intense than Power 90 though, and is the program that I followed to get the results I did. You can learn more about P90X by clicking here:

    Let me know if you have questions about any of the programs!

  14. Carlos A. /

    Hey I’m currently taking accutane which cures acne and has a lot of vitamin A and was told to not take other vitamins specially vitamin A… For insanity they recommend for u to take multivitamins.. Do you think I should stop taking my multi vitamins until I am done with accutane? Thanks

  15. That’s something you need to talk with your doctor about.

  16. carlos A. /

    hanks.. also do u think the whey protein from Walmart “body fortress” is good? because I’m sort of in a budget and cant afford to buy it from beachbody.

  17. It’s an OK brand.

  18. Carlos A. /

    do u recommend taking jack3d at all if i workoit out at 9:30 pm.. maybe take it earlier during the day?

  19. Are you doing Insanity, Josh?

  20. I wouldn’t take Jack3d any later than 3 PM. I can’t get to sleep if I take it any later.

  21. No I’m not. Currently I’m mixing together the X Classic, One on One, and P90X Plus workouts.

  22. Carlos A. /

    im currently doing insanity deluxe and im in week 7… during recovery week(week 5) i did max interval sports training for the whole week when i should have done core cardio and balance because i got confused.. do you think this matters?

    for the deluxe package you can do max interval sports training instead of doing core cardio and balance but not on recovery week like i did.. any suggestions? i feel like i messed up the entire program

  23. Carlos A. /

    also lately when i do insanity i feel tired and exhausted but i dont sweat as much as i would like to, i keep my heart rate up. is it because i work out in the garage and its kind of cold? sorry for all the questions…

  24. No, it’s not going to affect you. Recovery Weeks are in there to give your body a slight rest. Just keep continuing the program how it’s supposed to be followed.

  25. Yeah, it’s probably because you’re working out in the cold. The most important thing is that you get your heart rate up.

  26. Carlos A. /

    alright thanks man..

  27. I am debating on which program to do, Insanity vs p90X. I took both Fit tests and passed, just wondering what the real differences are?

  28. Insanity is a very high intensity program in which you will lose a lot of weight and fat pretty quickly. With P90X, on the other hand, you will build more muscle, but still lose weight/fat. If you purchase either of these programs from this site, I will automatically become your coach and be here to help you through the program.

  29. Hey, guys. Thanks for the comments. They were helpful and insightful. I’ve been using the “Insanity” and whey protein and I’ve found that my weight loss has not been substantial. 30 days and 10lbs later. I really like the way it challenges you, even though it’s grueling.

  30. Carlos A. /

    hey josh.. im going to finish insanity next sunday and wanted to start p90x after.. do you think i should rest for like a week and then do p90x? and also do you think i should do the fit test? thanks

  31. Austin /

    Hey, I am in decent shape and just want to gain a little muscle mass and tone up, I weigh 135 lbs and am 5’10”, is insanity the way to go? i don’t have any weights, all i have is a pullup bar/ab station in my garage.

  32. Josh /

    Hey man! I actually recommend P90X first before you move on to Insanity. P90X has a balance of cardio and resistance workouts, and what I’ve been following for two years.

  33. Josh /

    I recommend at least taking a few days off before moving on to the next program. Also, yeah, do the first test to know where you stand.

  34. carlos /

    i finished insanity today and im going to start p90x next monday…. do you recommend continuing eating as i was with insanity meanwhile i start p90x? or should i eat less, or less carbs? thanks

  35. You are going to want to follow the P90X diet if you’re going through P90X. However, since you have already gone through Insanity, start with Phase 2 or 3 diet.

  36. Carlos A. /

    yea i know i have to follow the p90x nutrition guide but im on a rest week before i start p90x.. should i eat like i did while on insanity for this rest week or should i eat differently.. thanks

  37. You are going to want to lower the carbs during a rest week.

  38. CNAPIER /

    Hey Josh,

    I have a pretty big frame and have been athletic built all my life. I just bought P90X because I have gotten a gut and so out of shape. I will probably struggle to do a cuple pull ups. I just want to shread off the fat and get ripped but I just found out about insanity did I make the right choice.
    Also I was wandering do u ever cheat on ur diet as a reward and how much does it cost for ur coaching guideance

  39. Yeah, you made the right choice. P90X is a good program to start with, and also is my favorite of the 2 because it contains a balance of cardio and resistance workouts. Also, it’s important that you don’t allow yourself to cheat during your first round, which can slow your results, cause you to get discouraged, and maybe even quit. It’s free for you to make me your coach, but understand that I earn a commission from any product that you purchase from this site. It helps with the amount of time I spend helping you out. Here is the link to make me your coach:

  40. hey dude i didnt order p90x from your site but if i order insanity from your site in the future does that make you my coach?

  41. No, but you can make me your coach by clicking on this link:

  42. Hey josh. Zim a new mom looking forward to going back to pre-pregnancy weight. And flatten the tummy I was thinking about buying insanity would you recommend it or should I try another program first??

  43. Insanity is a very intense program, but will definitely get you into great shape quickly. However, it all depends on how out of shape you are. If you haven’t worked out in a while, then I recommend P90X, which is what both my fiance and I use. She had a baby 11 months ago and has already lost about 25lbs with P90X. Let me know if you have other questions!

  44. Darkraider /

    I was just working out 2 weeks ago and i stopped… do i do insanity or p90x. my body is not that bad

  45. Josh /

    I recommend starting with P90X first, and then you can move to Insanity, or at least incorporate it into your routine. You can purchase either program from this site, which will make me your coach, and I’ll be here to help you through the program.

  46. Hey Josh, I’ve read through most of the comments above. I am in pretty good shape as far as cardio goes, but I really want to get toned up and ripped. I’m 6’4 and 190 lbs. In May I am planning on doing Insanity, taking whey protein in the morning and some type of casein protein before bed. I’m the type of person that would much rather run 5 miles than lift for 45 minutes. Would it be best for me to go this route, or I am I going to have to worry about dropping too much weight with the intense cardio?

  47. You will definitely get ripped with the program, and shouldn’t drop too much weight if you’re eating properly. You might drop some, though, if you have some body fat to lose. Remember, if you order the program from this site, I will become your coach and be here to help you through the program. Let me know if you have other questions!

  48. Mustafa /


    I am going to start my work out soon, but I haven’t bought any supplements. Do I REALLY need the supplements or can I just go with out them? They only thing I am planning on talking is muscle milk… How effecitve do you think that is? It does have 25g of protein.

  49. Supplements definitely help with your results! You can find a list of supplements that I take and recommend in the “Q&A” section.

  50. Mpangwe /

    Hey Josh- finished my first round of insanity – but definately wanted to go again. I think i can still go harder although i almost died after every insanity session. i want to keep going at it. How long do you think i should take off and should i keep taking my supplements in my time off?


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