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Insanity Review: Day 1

As most of you already found out, Melinda, Greg, and I began a round of Insanity yesterday. I’ve been looking for a way to mix up the workouts a bit, and I figured that doing some Insanity along with 2-3 days of heavy resistance training would be the way to go. I have done some modified Insanity workouts before in groups, but never did the actual workouts, and let me tell you that this program is legit! Yesterday we did Plyometric Cardio Circuit, and I never realized how great of a cardio workout the Insanity Workouts really are. Below is my Day 1 Insanity Review.

Insanity Review:Day 1

Insanity Day 1As I said above, we did Plyometric Cardio Circuit, which is the first Insanity workout. The warm-up is it’s own little cardio workout itself and involves doing 5 exercises at 3 different speeds. You start out doing the 5 at a slow speed, and then do them again a little faster, and finally repeat the entire thing again at high speed. By the time the warm-up was done, I already had a constant flow of sweat dripping from my forehead. This was about the point where I got a towel so that I wasn’t dripping all over the floor, and we haven’t even started the workout yet.

The next part of the workout works with the same concept as the warm-up, involving different exercises at 3 different speeds. Between each set of exercises you get a 30 second break, but it’s really not enough to let your heart rate settle, but at least gives you a time to breathe somewhat normally. There are exercises like the Mummy Kicks and Ski Jumps, which really get your heart pumping. There was one point of the workout where I looked down at my HR monitor and it said 191! WHOA! I don’t ever remember my heart rate going that high during a workout. I would say my average HR for the entire workout was around 182. There were a few times that I had to pause to take a deep breath, but then pushed myself to continue. By the time I finished the last speed, I was completely drenched and already wore out.

Before you begin the last set of circuit exercises, you get a much needed 1 minute break. These last few exercises are super intense, and really focus on the entire core. You do exercises like Ski Abs, In and Outs, and Basketball Drills. Don’t be fooled though, because this is not just an ab workout, but a crazy cardio that makes it near impossible to catch your breath. By the time this last segment ends, you are drained, and shouldn’t have a dry spot left on your body. Above is a picture of Melinda and I right after the workout. That was my Day 1 Insanity review, and there are more Insanity reviews coming!

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  1. Tony /

    Speaking about your heart rate monitor. I have been looking to purchase one myself. Which one do you use? I am not crazy about the idea of having one that involves a chest strap. Do they all have chest straps?

  2. SO absolutely true!

  3. Yall look hot!! Bring it!

  4. Josh /

    I’m pretty sure mine is a Reebok. I have the Reebok one available on this site actually. There are a few on this site, and I know one of them has the strap.

  5. John /

    Hey Josh,
    I know you probably don’t know quite yet as you just started Insanity, but does it work your back at all? If I were to do it, should it be supplemented with an additional back/bicep workout like the one in P90X?

  6. Josh /

    So far Insanity hasn’t worked the back at all. To get an all around workout, you will need to incorporate some P90x resistance workouts in with Insanity.

  7. Dustin /

    I noticed you said you were mixing up the Insanity workouts with additional weight training. I’ve been doing Insanity for a couple weeks and cannot deny it’s amazing. Would you say tossing in some weight training would also be a good idea too?

  8. @Dustin. That’s up to you. Personally, I didn’t feel like Insanity had enough resistance training so I did a P90X/Insanity hybrid.

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