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Insanity Review: Week 1

OK, it’s official and down in the books, Melinda and I have both completed one week of Insanity! For those of you who don’t know, we decided to take on the Insanity challenge to spice up our workouts and take our fitness to the next level. To be honest, I thought that the workouts would be similar to something like that of Interval X Plus or maybe even One on One Cardio Intervals, but I was wrong. No, these workouts are MUCH harder and require tremendous ability to really push yourself! I’ve been wearing a heart rate monitor, and there was one time it read 191, which I really didn’t think was possible, but apparently it is. My average hear rate for just about every workout has been right around 175, and if you don’t know what that means, it means that I’m really busting my rear! Also, I estimate that I’m burning somewhere between 800-1000 calories per workout. Below is my Insanity review of the workouts for the first week.

Insanity Review

The Insanity workouts that we have done so far are Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Pure Cardio, Cardio Power and Resistance, and Cardio Recovery. The first 3 that I mentioned are brutal! The crazy thing about these workouts is that the warm-up is like a little workout in itself. There hasn’t been a time that I am literally dripping sweat by the end of the warm-up! Once you get done “warming up,” you stretch, which consists of many Yoga moves. Once you’re done stretching, you jump into the workout. Plyo Cardio Circuit and Cardio Power and Resistance are similar in that you go through circuits. You repeat each set of exercises 3 times, and each time you increase the intensity. Don’t be fooled, though, because the first set is not to be taken lightly! The first set is pretty fast, making the last set completely Insane, which I guess fits perfectly. By the time you finish the workout, if you don’t have a constant flow of sweat dripping from your face, then you did something wrong. My clothes are completely drenched by the time I finish, and it’s near impossible to even take my shirt off!

Pure Cardio is a little different than the first 2 in that there are no breaks and it’s not a circuit. You do non-stop exercises, and they all are different. Plus, this workout really seems to make my legs burn like crazy! The last workout, Cardio Recovery, is just that, a recovery day, which is much needed, especially after the two circuit workouts I mentioned above. I compare it to the P90X Yoga, but a shortened version of it, along with some added moves.

All in all, I absolutely love the program. The only thing that I wish there was more of was resistance workouts, but I’m going to be adding in a day or two of lifting just to make sure I don’t lose any mass. However, I don’t feel like I’ve lost any yet, which is a good thing. If you’re looking to a program to really test you and help you lose that last bit of body fat, then you have to try Insanity!

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  1. Liz Wildes /

    Nice review! I’ve done Insanity now three times. Do you have the Deluxe DVDs? The upper body weights workout with Shaun T is awesome. He does cardio along with weights. I highly recommend it. I used to do this one on the rest day.

  2. Ricardo /

    great Review Bro! currently doing insanity mixed with p90x and its going great!

    mon-Chest & Back + Ab ripper X
    Tues-Pure Cardio
    weds-Shoulders & arms plus ab ripper
    thrus-Plyo cardio circuit
    Friday legs and back + ab ripper x
    sat- Cardio power and resistance!


  3. Luke /


    How do you plan on adding in resistance training? Because of the placement of the Cardio Power and Resistance routine in each week, I can only find a few times when I can put in a resistance workout that is not the day of, before, or after this one. Are you just going to do an upper body workout on a day right next to it?

  4. Josh /

    @Luke. I’ve found that the Power and Resistance workout really isn’t too much of a resistance workout, so you could add in some lifting anywhere during the week.

  5. Josh /

    @Liz. I actually don’t have the Deluxe DVD’s, but hear they are great! Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. Mitchell /

    Can you give me your nutrition guide when you just did the insanity workout because I’m planning on doing it soon and was wondering what kind of nutrition you used for yourself to have great results?

  7. @Mitchell. When you get the program you will receive the Insanity Nutrition Guide.

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