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Insanity Review: Week 2

As you all know, Melinda, Greg (my best friend), and I have been going through Insanity for 2 weeks now. As you have seen from my previous Insanity reviews, it’s one intense program and really makes you push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Instead of following the program exactly, though, we’ve decided to go straight to the Max Insanity workouts, and if any of you have done those before, they are longer and much tougher than the ones in the beginning of the program! See my 2 week Insanity Review below.

2 Week Insanity Review: Like I mentioned above, last week we decided that we wanted more of a challenge so we started the Max Insanity series. I didn’t think I could sweat more than I did during Plyometric Cardio Circuit, but I was wrong. After Max Interval Circuit, I literally felt like I jumped into a pool with my clothes on! My tank top was stuck to me after the workout, and I had a tough time getting it off! The warm-up with Max Interval Circuit is tougher than the warm-ups from the first week, and I was really breathing heavy afterwards, and I didn’t even start the main part of the workout yet! This workout is just as it sounds, and involves intervals in a circuit. There are 4 series of exercises that you will go through, which increases and decreases your heart rate constantly (Intervals, get it?).

The other two max workouts that we did were Max Interval Plyo and Max Cardio Conditioning. Max Interval Plyo is probably the hardest Insanity workout of them all, and I was completely exhausted afterwards! Not only are you going to get in a good cardio workout, but your legs will be burning throughout the entire thing! I hit a point towards the end where I could barely jump off the ground! It’s tough! Max Cardio Conditioning might be my favorite Insanity workout of them all because it contains a balance of everything.

The only issue that I’m starting to have with Insanity is the amount of cardio. I’m eating properly, but I’ve started to notice a slight decrease in muscle mass over the past few days. So, yesterday I decided to have a lifting day, and found out I have lost a little bit of strength. From now on I’m going to start adding 2 days of lifting along with Insanity so that I don’t lose any muscle mass.

All in all, though Insanity is an AWESOME program, and I’m really glad that I’ve started it! If you want to learn more about Insanity, click here!


  1. I totally agree you. I have added 3 days of resistance and 3 days of the Max series as my workout plan. My favorite workout has got to be the Max Plyo. I love those Power Pushups.

  2. Josh /

    @Rob. Yeah man, those power push-ups are awesome!

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