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Insanity Review

Insanity Click HereAs you all know, I’ve been doing P90X for a little over a year and a half, and since most of the regular P90X cardios are too easy for me now, I’ve been looking for something to challenge me. That’s why I’ve been adding in some P90X Plus and One on One workouts. Interval X Plus, Kenpo Cardio Plus, and Cardio Intervals are the only 3 cardio workouts that I use anymore, only because they are very intense and let me burn a ton of cals. However, I’m getting pretty bored with these, and am seriously thinking about doing Insanity.

I haven’t purchased Insanity yet because I am going through another round of P90X. (Well, I was going through another round until I broke my hand, and now I’m on hold for the next few months). Since I haven’t done Insanity yet, I have been talking with people that I coach and other coaches that have gone through the program and getting their Insanity reviews. I have heard nothing but positive responses about Insanity so far! One coach of mine, Carter, went through P90X a few times and got great results, but had trouble breaking through a plateau that he had hit. That was until he went through the Insanity program. He had problems developing his core and losing that last bit of body fat, but Insanity melted the fat right off and revealed his 6 pack! Now he preaches by the program!

So what is Insanity? It’s an intense 60 Day program that uses Max Interval Training to get you ripped! Max Interval Training involves long periods of high intensity exercises followed by short periods of rest. When you receive Insanity, you will get the DVDs, which are held in a super nice case, and also receive the Elite Nutrition Book and a calendar to help you keep track of all your Insanity workouts. The Elite Nutrition Book is excellent and will guide you in the right direction with your diet, which is very important to maximize your results. Like I mentioned, each workout is very intense! So intense that you will burn up to 1,000 calories per hour, making the sweat pour off your face creating puddles on the floor!

Insanity is not for everyone, though. Because there is a lot of jumping around involved, this program isn’t for people who have knee or back problems. You also have to already be in decent shape to go through a program like this because of the high intensity.

If you’re looking for a program to get you ripped, I highly recommend giving Insanity a try! From all the Insanity reviews that I have gotten from others, they all say that this is one of the best workout programs out there! Getting those 6 pack abs and beach body is just 60 days away! Click below to try it today!

Our Price: $119.85


  1. Mike Mac /

    hey josh ….i am also doing insanity and have fell in love with the program…i have dont P90X for 150 days and really did get bored with it. i just was not motivated anymore to continue. Thats when insanity came into my life lol. i have also lost muscle mass in my arms and its a real disappointment ( because My nickname is ” GunSho ” Lol ) but Insanity does come with a upper body weight training video if u didnt know that already. but i do think that adding an insanity workout to your routine to P90X workout schedule is an awesome idea for an awesome guy! =) Sort of like a Hybrid Schedule….i wish u the best of luck in the coaching field dude and with everything else

    ~ Mike aka GunSho =P

  2. Why not do P90X or P90X+ workouts, but instead of Kempo X or Cardio X, substitute that with Insanity workouts. Same goes for Plyo workouts.

  3. That has been the plan! However, currently I’m really focusing on gaining mass, which involves no cardio for the time being. Once I start adding in some more cardio, though, that’s what I am going to do.

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