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P90X2 VS Insanity

P90X2 VS Insanity

For those of you who have been living in a box, Beachbody just released the new P90X2 program last month! I pre-ordered it and got it at the beginning of December, but decided to wait to start until Jan. 2nd, which is when all of my P90X2 Challenge Group members were starting as well. So far I have been through just a few exercises, but it’s already evident that this is a LEGIT program that will really test your ability to push yourself outside your comfort zone! Lately, though, I’ve had some people wonder which was better, P90X2 VS Insanity, so I’m going to run through what I like and dislike about each program.

P90X2 is one heck out a program, there is no doubt about that! What was so great about P90X was that it had a balance of cardio and resistance training, and P90x2 is no different. In my personal opinion, having that balance is SO IMPORTANT in getting great fitness results! P90x2 is tough, but it’s tough in a different kind of way. It’s decently tough in terms of intensity (VERY tough for a few of the workouts), but what makes it so difficult is the uniqueness of each P90X2 workout and exercise. These are exercises that more than likely you haven’t done before. For example, in the X2 Core workout, there is an exercise where you start out standing on one leg (you stay on one leg the entire time) with a medicine ball in your hand, the other leg held real close to your ankle, and you jump down, do a push-up on the medicine ball, and jump back up, lifting the medicine ball over your head. Yeah, doing a push-up on a medicine ball is pretty difficult, but try doing it with just one leg on the ground! This exercise engages the entire core to stay balanced, and you’re working your legs and chest as well. That’s just one example, and the entire P90X2 program is that way! Another thing I REALLY like about P90X2 is the Nutrition Guide. They made it VERY easy to follow this time, and have some excellent recipes as well. I’ve been on the new diet for 3 days and loving it!

Insanity is a great program as well, but is very different than P90X2. In terms of overall intensity, you can’t beat Insanity! We’re talking pushing outside your comfort zone times ten! When you get done with an Insanity workout, chances are you don’t have a dry spot on your body. It’s THAT INTENSE! There are some workouts where you can burn over 1,000 calories per hour, which is crazy. When I went through Insanity, I really enjoyed pushing myself that hard, but the one thing I didn’t like was the lack of resistance training. It’s basically a 60 day high intensity cardio program. I actually ended up losing quite a bit of muscle mass since it was almost all cardio training, and had to stop following the normal routine and start doing a P90X/Insanity Hybrid so that I could put some muscle mass back on. If you’re not worried about putting on some muscle and just want to lose some body fat and want a challenge, then Insanity is a great program for you! However, it’s very important to understand that this is NOT a beginners program, just as P90X2 isn’t as well. You at least need to be in decent shape before you start.

So which is better, P90X2 VS Insanity? Really it totally depends on what you want! If your goal is to build some muscle mass and improve overall athletic performance, then P90X2 is the answer. However, if you’re not worried about building muscle and want to increase speed and cardiovascular endurance, then Insanity is the program to go with. With either program, though, you will have to push yourself because they are difficult! If you go through either program, push yourself every day, commit to the diets, then your going to find yourself in the best shape of your life by the time you finish.

If you’re going through Insanity or P90X2 or any Beachbody program for that matter and you want some help and support, I’m a full time Beachbody Coach and can help you out. To make me your coach (it’s free) just click here! If you already have a coach and want to switch, email me at and I’ll give you the directions on how to do so. If you’re interested in P90X2 or Insanity, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, or you can just purchase the programs from this site!

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