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My iPod Workout Playlist

Yesterday I got an email from one of the people I coach asking me what music I listened to while I work out. I thought that over the course of writing blogs for a year and a half I would have at one point or another put up a blog about what I listen to, but apparently I haven’t, so I figured that there isn’t a better time than now.

I’m one of those people who have to listen to music when I’m working out. It’s a little different if I’m just starting a new program because I want to make sure I listen to the trainer so that I’m doing the moves right and become familiar with all the exercises, but as soon as I get it down, the mute button comes on and my music is a blarin’! I used to just listen to my iPod with headphones on, but I went out and invested in an iHome, which has been great not only for my workouts, but for any get togethers I have at the house as well. So what does my iPod Workout Playlist look like? I’ll post the artist and song below.

Josh’s iPod Workout Playlist

  • Eminem and Lil’ Wayne- “No Love”
  • Staind- “Right Here”
  • Hinder- “Bliss”
  • Kenny Loggins- “Vox Humana”
  • Kenny Loggins- “I’m Free”
  • Linkin Park- “Enth E Nd”
  • Nickelback- “Never Again”
  • Hinder- “Get Stoned”
  • Ja Rule- “Down A$$ Bitch”
  • Nickelback- “If Today Was Your Last Day”
  • Drowning Pool- “Sinner”
  • Nickelback- “Something in Your Mouth”
  • Evanescence- “Going Under”
  • Linkin Park- “Krwlng”
  • Nickelback- “Burn it to the Ground”
  • Eminem- “Not Afraid”
  • Ja Rule- “Smokin’ And Ridin'”
  • Nickelback- “This Afternoon”

That is my current workout playlist, and I’ll probably be making some changes to it soon to add in some more songs. Once I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.




  1. In the Nickelback department, I’d recommend “Animals” – it’s a great song and it’s also hilarious. Linkin Park is always good, but I actually have a few Rocky songs scattered in there haha

  2. austin /

    add some waka flocka lol

  3. @Luke. That’s one of my favorite songs bro!

  4. Ja Rule- “Down A$$ Bitch” … JOSH SPENCEE… MY MAN!

  5. Simon /

    Nice playlist mate, similar to mine. Eminem and Dr Dre – Forgot about Dre is a must for me.

  6. Cant Be Touched – Roy Jones Jr…. BEST PUMP-UP SONG EVER JOSH!

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