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New Workout Programs!

Just when I didn’t think Beachbody workout programs could get any tougher, they drop a big one on us while at the Coach’s Summit in L.A. There are coming out with 4 AWESOME new programs that I thought I would tell you all about before they get released. These programs are Insanity Asylum, Body Gospel, Turbo Fire, and wait for it…P90 NEXT!

Apparantly, Insanity wasn’t hard enough, so they have decided to come out with an even TOUGHER Shaun T workout called Insanity Asylum! If you have tried Insanity, you understand what I’m talking about when I say that I never thought it was possible to come up with a tougher program. Insanity is a BRUTAL workout program, but really gets the job done as far as weight loss.

Body Gospel by Donna Richardson is a program that is very unique in that it revolves around the Christian faith. 1 Cor 6:19 states that your body is a temple and you should take care of it, and that’s Donna’s main inspiration for creating the program. She has you dancing, moving, stretching, and even involves some resistance and circuit training, all while listening to great gospel music!

Turbo Fire by Chalene Johnson is another program that will be released VERY SOON! We got to try out this workout while at the Coach’s Summit and let me tell you what, this is one program that you’re going to want to get! I’m in excellent shape, and I broke a sweat and got winded! This is another program that isn’t for beginners, and is for people who have completed Turbo Jam and is already in excellent condition. It’s very intense and Chalene does an excellent job making you feel like part of her workout group!

Now, for what all of you have been waiting for, the NEW Tony Horton P90X program coming out called P90 NEXT! I don’t know about you all, but I will be purchasing this program THE MOMENT it’s released! However, it may be a while until it’s released. They are going to be starting production on this program soon!

As always, I will keep you all informed on each of these programs and have them available to purchase on my site the moment they are released!


  1. Ryan /

    This is the best news I’ve heard about the P90 series. I’m extremely excited, but mainly for P90Next and Insanity Asylum. I can’t wait. Any other programs you might get, Coach?

  2. Matt /

    Ok, I haven’t even finished Insanity or P90X yet and I’m already hyped up to buy the Insanity Asylum, And P90-NEXT! First step, finish Insanity!

  3. Josh /

    Haha I know man! I think we are all excited about these programs coming out!

  4. Josh /

    If you haven’t tried the One on One workouts yet, make sure you do because they are AWESOME!

  5. jstnthrguy /

    Holy Schnitzel… the NEXT workout videos are going to set me on FIRE and possibly send me to the ASYLUM and that’s GOSPEL. hahaha thanks for the heads up coach and have a great weekend.

  6. Danielle /

    I am very excited for Asylum to come out, any idea for the release date???
    Thanks for the info:)

  7. Josh /

    Not sure when it will be released yet! They haven’t told us the specifics. I will keep you updated!

  8. francisco /

    hey josh
    whats the difference between insanity and turbo fire. from what i know insanity is max interval training and turbo fire is hiit training. they seem a like. any major difference?

  9. Josh /

    Turbo Fire hasn’t been released yet. Anyways, it seems that Insanity and Turbo Fire are going to be very similar in their intensity levels. However, Turbo Fire is like Turbo Jam, but much more intense.

  10. Chris /

    Hey Josh. I’m at the final stretch of my first round of P90X. I was thinking about either doing it over again or switching to insanity. I’m probably going to do P90X one more time before insanity. I read about P90X Plus, which adds some new routines to avoid plateauing. Have you tried p90x+ or know of anyone that has?

  11. Josh /

    I went through P90X Plus right after my first round, and it’s a great program, but you need to add it to P90X. You need to look into Insanity or One on One.

  12. What is the release date for Insanity Asylum??


  13. @Daniel. They haven’t told us yet.

  14. Ruben /

    I did P90X For almost a year, great results, I lost a lot wight, had more energy, I was 44 when I started,Weight wasw hen I started 245 Lbs, when I finish 185, Then I started Insanity I finished more than 3 month. Wight 180, I did Revab very good, I combined P90x with revabs, I didnt do any diet, I am now 175 lb sometimes 178.How can I combine them?, to get more results, I want to be 165 lbs.

  15. @Ruben. I actually recommend a P90X/Insanity hybrid, and I created one that you can find by typing that in the search box. Also, I highly advise that you follow the diet of one of the programs, which will help you see better results!

  16. Josh- has Asylum been released yet. I love me some Shawn T….Dying for my next torture session.

  17. @Stacey. Not yet! I talked to Shaun T last weekend and he said it’s coming out hopefully by the end of March.

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