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P90X for Fat People

One of the most common questions that I get is “Is P90X for fat people?” The reason they ask is because when they look on YouTube or search for P90X, most of the people who went through the program started in OK shape, but ended up in amazing shape! What about the people who are very overweight or obese? Can they do P90X? Is P90x for obese people?

The truth is that P90X is a seriously intense program and isn’t for beginners. There is a fit test that you have to complete before you go through the program to see if this program is right for you or not. This will give you a good indication to where your current fitness level stands. However, even if you don’t do well on the Fitness Test, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do the program. In fact, I’ve coached many people who were well over 40lbs overweight who completed the program with great success! A buddy of mine actually began the program at 280lbs and ended up losing 110lbs! Yeah, it took him 5 rounds to reach his goals, but he stuck with the program and committed himself to both the diet and the workouts. If you’re overweight or obese and want to do P90X, there are a few things you need to know..

(1) Check with your doctor first! Sometimes, you could be too overweight or have serious health problems that might make it dangerous for you to do P90X. If P90X is too intense, then you can start with another Beachbody program like Power 90 or even Slim in 6. Like I said, always check with your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise regimen.

(2) If you do decide to do P90X, you will have to modify the workouts. If you’re very overweight, it’s going to be tough for you to do pull-ups or push-ups, and many other exercises that are in the P90X program. However, Tony Horton shows you the modified versions for just about every exercise, and it’s going to be important for you to follow those versions. For example, instead of doing regular push-ups, you do push-ups on your knees. Once you start losing weight and develop your muscles, then you can slowly move from the modified versions to the modified versions.

(3) You MUST commit to the P90X diet plan! In order for you to reach your goals, you have to focus just as much attention on the diet as you do the workouts. When you receive P90X, make sure you read through the entire P90X Nutrition Guide and understand the basic concepts. With the proper diet, you will lose fat and weight!

(4) It’s important for you to be patient! Like I mentioned above, it took my buddy 5 rounds to achieve all his goals! The truth is that you WILL NOT lose all the weight in 90 days, and it’s more than likely going to take you at least 3-4 rounds to reach your goals if you’re very overweight. Patience and commitment to both the diet and workouts are key!

So is P90X for fat people? If you follow the tips that I listed above, there is no reason why you can’t reach all your weight loss goals! Get ready to BRING IT!

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  1. Carson /

    Very good info josh 🙂 i am one who was overweight when i started in terrible shape. the first 2 weeks were the hardest of my life, aswell as keeping to the nutrition plan as best as i could was difficult at times. the hardest thing in my opinion was keeping motivated to stick with it… beachbody offers a forum called or something like that, that has alot of people on there who are doing the same thing and a group of 6 of us started together. every day someone posted their progress or how they are that day…but…out of those 6 people, i was the only one who finished. The motivation i had could not stop me from reaching my goal, wich i actually surpassed.. my goal was loose 25 pounds, but i passed it half way through phase 2.. i lost a total of 43 pounds in 90 days. i went from a 54′ waste to a 40′ and XXL shirt to a L ….

    my results were amazing because i sticked to the diet plan, was patient, and brought it every day.. thought i would comment on your review about being overweight and commitment to it.

    Its a effective program, difficult yes, but the results will be great if you commit to it.

  2. Josh /

    @Carson. Wow man, congrats on being able to stay motivated to complete the program! That says a lot about you and your determination. Thanks for sharing your story. Also, am I your coach?

  3. Josh /

    @Carson. Wow man awesome job! I’d like to talk to you about becoming a coach on my team. With your results, you really need to think about it! Currently, I’m the Top Coach in the nation, so I know what it takes to succeed with this. If you’re interested, email me at

  4. William /

    Josh and Carson, you have inspired me. I am starting p90x in two days and I was nervous about if it was for me. I’m 295 lbs and wearing a 46-48 inch pant. I’ve lost 40 pounds through diet alone and want to ramp it up. I chose p90x because a friend did it and was going to start another round and I can do it at the same time. I was nervous about if it was for me because I am so overweight but, Carson, if you can get those results, then I can get awesome results too, maybe not as good as yours but as good as I am expecting. I’m going for it and will let you know my results. Thanks for the inspiration and confidence!

  5. Josh /

    @William. Just a little update of a friend of mine who started at 295lbs 30 days ago. He has dropped 30lbs! You can do it man!

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