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Core Ball Sandwich Review

one on oneOK, so I have had many Tony Horton One on One DVD’s sitting on the shelf for the past 6 months, and just really haven’t gotten to them. The other day I decided to bust out P90X One on One Core Ball Sandwich and see what it was all about. I decided to browse through the workout first to understand how to do the exercises so I didn’t have to pause, and thought that it would be a decent workout. Well, that decent workout kicked my rear! DANG! One of the best workouts I had in a while! Below is my P90X One on One Core Ball Sandwich review!

There are two halves of the workout, and the second half is the same as the first. You do 3 exercises that focus on 3 different body parts, and then another 3 exercises on the same body parts, and so on and so forth. EVERY exercise focuses on the core, of course, but also targets the back, chest, and abs.  For example, one of the first exercises involves doing reverse grip chin-ups, but you have to hold your legs up in a “V” shape. I was able to get 26, and felt a burn in both my back and core. Another exercise involves putting your legs up on a chair and doing push-ups on a large balance ball. Because you’re on a balance ball, your entire core is being worked because you have to use stability muscles in order not to fall over! An abs exercise that really got me involved putting your hand on the ground and your feet on the balance ball, and then bringing your knees into your chest. OUCH! Not only did my entire core burn, my shoulders were burning as well because I was holding myself up!

All in all, this P90X One on One workout is one that I highly recommend you try and one I’m going to now work into my routine from now on! Not only does it get your heart pumping, you will be working your entire body in this workout and develop muscles you never knew you had! I haven’t been sore from doing a core workout in about 4 months, and I have been sore since the Core Ball Sandwich, which was about 4 days ago!

Want to learn more about Tony Horton One on One workouts? Click here!


  1. Yeah Josh that sounds seriously tough. The core muscles are really important for surfers, a lot of paddling with an arched back on an unsteady surface (like a balance ball), a ton of twisting maneuvers, etc… this workout sounds great for surfers!

  2. Yeah, this is an excellent workout for the entire core!

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