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Tony Horton One on One Cardio Intervals

One on One V2A few months ago I decided to purchase the Tony Horton One on One workouts that are delivered to your house each month. I did this for a few reasons: (1) I wanted to add some more workouts into my routine, and (2) I wanted to see if this program is good enough to refer to others. One thing that people know about me is that I don’t recommend any product, whether it be a supplement or program, unless I believe it works. From what I’ve experienced from One on One so far, I definitely recommend this to others.

Tony Horton One on One Cardio Intervals Review: After going through P90X Plus, I wasn’t sure if Beachbody would be able to top the cardio workouts Interval X Plus and Kenpo Cardio Plus. Those two workouts kick my rear and I’m always completely exhausted afterwards. I always get in a good sweat, but I quickly realized that it’s nothing compared to the amount I sweat during Cardio Intervals!

One on One Cardio Intervals takes a lot of high intensity exercises that you would find in both P90X and P90X Plus and amplifies them. You are doing a lot of Plyo and Kenpo moves, but with an added twist to make it more challenging. There are also many other new moves that are very interesting and tough! You start out with a few “slower” moves, but then quickly shift to the more intense and fast paced exercises to increase your heart rate. By the time you reach the halfway mark, which is about 15 minutes into the workout, you are already feeling the sweat gather around your neckline and your heart is beating very quickly. Tony makes a few comments about how this next half is tough and if you can’t handle it, then it’s time to bail. He then takes a few drinks of water and is ready to repeat the entire workout all over again.

The second half of the workout is where you really have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. By the first few exercises, your sweat has started to drip at a constant rate and your heart rate is back on the rise. The exercises now seem much harder, and you will have a hard time catching your breath, but that is when you will see the greatest results. By the time you are halfway through the second half, your hands will either be on your head or hips (preferably head), and now your shirt is just about half-way drenched. When you reach the last exercise, which involves a jumping twist from side-to-side, you can barely breath and keep eye-balling the clock, hoping for it to move a bit faster so that you can stop and either take a drink or water or head to the bathroom. When it’s all said and done and you are stretching, your shirt will have no dry spot and you will want to just pass out on the floor. After stretching, I always go out and lean over the balcony for about 5 minutes for the sweat to stop dripping and heart rate to decrease. Now that is a workout!

My grade for this workout is a definite A+! By far the best and most challenging cardio workout of all the programs that I have used! If you want more information on the Tony Horton One on One Program, click here!

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