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Ab Ripper X Review

Abs 2Back when I was in high school and college, my ab routine was the exact same every day. It involved some traditional crunches, along with some resistance exercises involving cables. It wasn’t a long workout either, maybe just about 5 minutes. I didn’t have the proper knowledge to get great results with my abs. That was until I started P90X.

Ab Ripper X Review: I’ve always had some abs, but never ripped abs, which was my goal when starting P90X. When I tried Ab Ripper X for the first time, I quickly found out what a hard abs workout really was all about. It is about 15 minutes long and involves somewhere around 360 crunches. I’m not going to lie, I had to pause it many times for the first month in order to complete all the reps. I always tell the people that I coach that you need to complete all the reps, even if you have to pause it 20 times, but you always need to push beyond your comfort zone if you want to see progress and results. The one thing that I like about Ab Ripper X is that it focuses on the entire core, not just the upper or lower abs. When trying out the workout for the first time, you are probably going to feel it in your legs and lower back because you are engaging the entire core. However, after time the strain goes away as you develop those muscles.

There are many unique exercises such as “Hip Rock’n’Raise” and “Fifer Scissors,” in which you will really feel a burn with. Most people give up way to quickly when they feel this burn, but again, if you want results, you need to channel the burn elsewhere and keep pushing yourself! There are also some unique exercises that focus on the obliques. I have never had obliques before, and always thought I didn’t have the proper genetics to get them, until I looked in the mirror 90 days after P90X and there they were! The bottom line about Ab Ripper X is that it will really challenge you, but is by far the best abs workout that I have come across.

However, I understand that many of you have been through P90X and feel that ARX is too easy for you. This is why I have created my own advanced ab routine that will definitely give you a challenge! However, the only people that have access to this workout are people that I officially coach. So if you are someone that I coach AND have completed P90X, email me and I will send you JRX.


  1. Coach, how would you feel about me adding ankle weights to exercises such as in-and-outs, crunchy frog, etc. while adding small weights on my hands for exercises, such as the mason twist.

  2. That’s a great idea just as long as you can complete P90X Ab Ripper X all the way through without pausing.

  3. rene ruelas /

    Hey coach could you send me the jrx routince? I would love to use it with my next round of p90x once I finish insanity. Thanks!

  4. If you want the JRX routine, send me an email at

  5. Hi coach, if i do the ab ripper every other day, when will i see my six pack. How long does it take.

  6. Getting abs has everything to do with your diet and burning fat. Ab workouts help develop the ab muscles, but if you don’t eat right you will never see the abs. Am I your coach? If not, click on the link:

  7. Malik /

    Thanks for the review, I just started Ab Ripper X and after reading your review, I’m going to push myself ahrder when doing it. I would normally just do the whole vid without pausing it, but taking breaks during the exercises, but now I’m going to do what you suggested about pausing/completing the reps.

  8. @Malik. Sounds good!

  9. Hi coach!
    I would like to ask one question. I work out 4 times a week at the gym and usually do everytime at the end 4×25 abs. Now I decided that while it does improve my abs I want to test the ARX. How many times I should do it in a week?

  10. @Nick. You should do ARX after each resistance workout. Make sure you give the abs 48 hours rest before working again.

  11. hey coach can I email you for your ab routine?

  12. @Justin. Just as long as I’m your coach and you have purchased something from me to get the credit.

  13. andrei /

    hey, I have one quick question, why can’t you do ab ripper x everyday

  14. Josh /

    @Andrei. You have to let each muscle group heal for 48 hours before working again.

  15. andrei /

    thanks josh, one more thing though, how long doing this program every other day will it take until I can get a perfect six pack, I already have a respectable one but its not quite there yet, and also do you recommend doing it twice every other day to speed up the process

  16. Josh /

    @Adnrei. It all depends on how well you follow the entire P90X program, including the diet, which is the most important part of the program.

  17. Would it be safe to do ARX every other day?

  18. @Matt. Every other day is fine! Just not every day.

  19. hey man,
    how long wil it exactly take for me to get ripped abs with the ab ripper x program? ( i just started this workout and when a flex i have a good visuable four-pack) and im pretty skinny (always were) so do i still have to follow the proper diet to get my abs ripped?

    thx from the netherlands

  20. @Jael. Ab Ripper X is not what’s going to get you ripped abs! It’s doing a complete program like P90X and following the diet to a T. Really, it’s more diet than anything, so make sure you’re following the plan.

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