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Additional Chest Exercises With P90X

A few posts ago, when I wrote about what to do to gain mass with P90X, I mentioned that I advise adding in additional heavy resistance training exercises along with P90X. One area that needs extra work is the chest. Doing push-ups alone will not get your chest bigger, but will get it ripped. Since doing P90X, I’ve had more definition in my chest than I ever have before. Make no mistake, push-ups are extremely effective, and will help you develop the different muscles of the chest area, but if your goal is to add mass, doing additional chest exercises along with the push-ups is best. So what chest exercises should you add?

(1) Dumbbell bench press. Remember, it’s important to focus on lower reps with heavier weights, and I recommend the 8-10 or even the 6-8 range. I always do 3 sets of 8. It’s important that you make sure you have a spotter to prevent injuries. It’s important that the last rep is near impossible to get!

(2) Dumbbell chest flys. When lying on a bench, bend elbows very slightly and then lock. As you keep the elbows locked, go down to the shoulder and then back up to starting position. It’s important that you don’t go past the shoulders or you could face injury. *Another good way of doing this is on the floor, which doesn’t allow your arms to go beneath the shoulders. 3 sets 8-10 reps.

(3) Incline dumbbell press. On an incline bench, you are going to press straight up and then back down to shoulder level. 3 sets 8-10 reps.

(4) Military dumbbell press. This is very similar to the military push-ups, but you are using dumbbells. On a bench, hold the dumbbells to the side slightly below the chest. Keep elbows pinched to the side and push straight up, and then back down. *You will not hold the dumbbells like you would with normal bench press. Rotate wrists so dumbbells are parallel to the body and hold that position. 3 sets 8-10 reps.

(5) Cable flys. If you have access to a cable machine, which you should find at any gym, you will be able to do cable flys. You can use 3 different starting positions if you’d like: low, medium, high. With each of them, you will always want to end up in the middle of the chest. 3 sets 8-10.

(6) Decline barbell press. Again, it’s important you have a spotter for this exercise or you could face serious injury. 3 sets 8-10 reps.

(7) Decline dumbbell flys. No need to explain this one.

(8) Incline dumbbell flys.

It’s not necessary to do all these exercises during one workout session, and you can divide them up into 2 sessions if you’d like. This gives you an idea on the different chest exercises you can do to build mass.


  1. Josh /

    I didn’t realize I wasn’t your coach. If you want me to continue answering your questions, you need to make me your coach, and here is how to do so..

  2. Travis /

    do you go through all 3 sets of one exercise before moving on to the next or go through all of them and repeat 3 times?


  3. @Travis. I did all 3 sets in a row and then moved on to the next exercise.

  4. Travis /

    ok, and how much rest do u take between sets and exercises?


  5. @Travis. It all depends man. Usually it’s around a minute and a half.

  6. Travis /

    ok thanks.

  7. Hey Josh,

    These exercises look great. One question I have though is what do we do after a month of doing this routine? Also would we stop doing this during the recovery weeks?

  8. @John. You aren’t going to want to do only the additional chest exercises. These are just some exercises that you can add in along with P90X. You don’t want to skip recovery weeks.

  9. Yeah I was planning on doing this instead of the kenpo. I just didn’t know if when the p90x program switches up the workouts if you would also need to switch up these chest exercises to avoid the plateau.

  10. @John. You’re going to be doing these in addition to the P90X chest exercises, so you shouldn’t hit a plateau. If you do, then add in some extra exercises.

  11. hey josh i only have a couple of weeks left in the p 90x. and have been doing these additional chest work outs u said. on thursday i go to gym and do alll the dumbbell ones u sugested. than on sat i go and do them all but with bench press decline all that ect.i have noticed that my legs arent gettin that much stronger i was wondering if u knew any adtional leg work outs i could add in for the rest of the program and than add it when i start it up again and when i should do them.i just wanan say thx for all the help. everyone is coming up to me askin how i got so ripped!! ill try and forward a before and after pic thx again!

  12. @Matt. There are all types of different leg exercises that you can do. Actually, just Google it and you’ll find a ton!

  13. Hey Josh,

    I’ve been reading through all these comments and of course I’m looking to gain mass in my chest area. I was going to do your additional workouts on Thursdays and Saturdays and still do the Yoga and Kenpo, however you suggested that to gain mass and lose body fat I would have to do carb cycling. Since Thursdays and Saturdays are cardio days, and I’m suppose to take less carbs on those days, I’m assuming doing the heavy resistance chest workouts on those days will not work since I’m supposed to increase my carbs intake for the heavy lifting… which means these chest workouts should be on Wednesdays and Fridays… or am I just confused?

  14. @Mike. Those are just things that I have suggested because they worked for me. I’m not a Nutritionist of any expert, so you’re going to have to talk to someone who is who can design a program specific to your needs. Or you can just follow P90X, which is what I recommend.

  15. Yeah I’m on day 37 today, and have been getting curious about my chest. It’s definitely getting more defined, but I also wanted to gain mass in my chest while just leaning/cutting out my shoulders and arms (if that’s even possible?) and that’s where I ran across your additional chest workouts and this whole site. I’m not sure Yoga is considered cardio so I may just do the additional chest on that day.

  16. @Mike. Sounds good man.

  17. Hey Josh a question here. I only have dumbells up to 50 lbs so i dont know if that would be enough for 6-8 reps of the dumbell press or millitary press. I do however have a bench press with an olympic bar and plenty of weight for it. Could i substitute regular bench press instead of dumbell press or maybe do both?

  18. @Justin. You can add in some regular bench press, but you really need to do dumbbell press as well to work on stability muscles.

  19. David /

    Could I do these exersizes after P90X Chest and Back or is that to much chest exersizes.

  20. Josh /

    @David. That’s probably a little too much.

  21. Josh, I’m thinking of adding this routine to my P90X Round 2. I’m just trying to figure out what’s the best day to do them — do you think I can add them to Legs&Back day which is on a Fri? Is that enough time for my muscles to recover before Chest&Back / Chest&Shoulders..etc which falls on a Monday?


  22. @Jeremy. Hey bro! Instead of adding stuff in, have you thought about doing Body Beast? It’s Beachbody’s new mass gaining program. I’m going through it right now actually.

  23. When would be the best days to do this/how often? Should they be done on resistance days or cardo days? And should they be done during recovery weeks?

  24. @Jake. It just depends on when you want to do them. The key is to make sure you give the chest at least 48 hours rest before working again. Also, have you made me your coach yet?

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