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Am I Too Young to do P90X?

The P90X program seems to be spreading like wild fire across the US, even among teenagers. Recently, the number of young people that have approached me about the program has been increasing. There is no doubt that it’s good to start working out and eating healthy during the teenage years, but what age is too young to do an intense program like P90X?

The cut-off age for P90X should be 14 years old. Why? Most boys hit puberty at 13 years old, and at that time their muscles and bones are still not quite developed. However, when people say that weight lifting stunts your growth, it’s actually a myth. The theory behind the myth is because, like I mentioned above, most childrens’ bones aren’t completely developed at that age, and they have growth plates at the end of most bones, which are more fragile than other bones. The reason I believe P90X should not be done at that age is because of the extreme intensity, not the weight lifting aspect. Weightlifitng will not effect the growth as long as there is no injury to the growth plate, but with the proper safety precautions and measures, that should not happen. What are the safety measures?

(1) Make sure you have a spotter when lifting heavy weights. It’s never safe for anyone, let alone young teenagers, to lift heavy weights without someone there to help.

(2) Focus on proper technique. Many injuries from weightlifting come from using the wrong technique during the exercises. When doing P90X, make sure you pay close attention to Tony’s form. When doing regular weight lifting, make sure you ask someone who knows or do research on the internet for proper technique.

(3) Always warm-up before working out. When you warm up the muscles, they loosen up and are able to expand further than if they were cold. This helps prevent pulled muscles.

Other benefits of P90X for teenagers:

I believe P90X is great for teenagers who are in sports. The reason being is because it increases athletic performance by improving your balance, strength, flexibility, core strength, and quickness. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have done this program in high school if it was around back then.


  1. @Ben. Talk to your parents and doctor.

  2. Andrew /

    Hi I’m Andrew I’m thirteen years old and a wrestler
    I’ve always been pretty strong, I’m abt 5 foot
    4 inches, and 120 lbs. I have decent core muscle
    But I’m looking to stay fit for wrestling in the off
    Season, also I’m wondering if the weight training
    Will be a little too intense because Im not very far
    Into puberty, one more thing I’m pretty skinny
    But I can see my top Abbs but not my bottom
    So I wanna lose the little bit of fat on bottom so
    They are visible too. Thnx

  3. @Andrew. I think P90X would be a GREAT program for you, but you really have to talk with your doctor being so young. I think he will go ahead and tell you that’s it’s OK to do it, but you still need to make sure. If you follow it properly, it will help you reach your goals!

  4. im 15 and i have to say thank god for p90x. I think it would be a great thing to do for teenagers as long as you have some one around to supervise you and i didntso i went through alot of pain but nothing permnatley lasting so just make sure to have a spotter and not to take your workout too far. thank you p90x!

  5. Chad /

    Or if you dint have enough time to go talk to the doctor like me just go to beach and ask one of the representatives

  6. Chad /

    * stupid auto correct

  7. Steve /

    I’m 16 and I wrestle. I’m pretty strong and I lift a lot at school. Oddly I still haven’t finished puberty. I want to do P90X but I feel like it wouldn’t be a good idea to both my scheduled workouts and P90X. Is this true? And I’m afraid my coaches won’t allow this-they’ll want me to stick with the program at my school. What should I do?

  8. @Steve. Ah bud that’s a tough one. 2 workouts a day is tough, and really not necessary at your age. However, you’re not going to get the results you will lifting than with P90X if you follow it properly! Maybe you do your workouts at school and then a few times a week do P90X? But again, that’s doubles. That’s going to be your decision!

  9. Nick /

    hey I am a 15 year old kid and i am 6ft 3in and 300 lbs i have no desire to play football i swim and i wanna be good at it. so i need to loose some weight so is this good for me?

  10. Josh /

    @Nick. I think so, but you will need to talk to your parents and doctor and make sure this is a good program for you.

  11. Jeremy /

    Hi I’m 17 & 5’11” 220 ibs. I want to try P90X for the summer, so will I get results I desire? And if I try P90X without the diet plan will I still get results? When I mean without the diet plan, I mean that I don’t have the money to buy all the food for it. So will it still work if I just drink water and eat healthy?

  12. Josh /

    @Jeremy. You will get some results, but not results like you want if you don’t follow the diet. The P90X diet was specifically designed to work with the workouts.

  13. heaven /

    hi im 13 and weight 154 and im 5,11 and i want to get around 110 for school is p90x a good program to acomplish my goal

  14. Josh /

    @Heaven. I think so, but you will need to talk to your parents and doctor to make sure it’s a good program for you!

  15. Ryan /

    Hi I am 13 years old 125 5″7 and I’m wondering If do you think it would be safe for me to do the new workout tapout xt then right after do p90x seeing as tapout is leaning more to the lean muscell masses side and p90x is mostly pure muscell I just want to train for track and feild thnx

  16. Josh /

    @Ryan. I don’t know much about that program bud. You will have to talk to your parents and doctor before beginning any workout.

  17. Alex /

    hi im alex.. im 5’8 140 lbs 10% body fat.
    should I do p90x I want to gain some muscle mass for this years basketball season.

  18. Josh /

    @Alex. If you’re young, you need to talk to your parents and doctor.

  19. Kenny /

    Hi, I’m Kenny and I’m 14 years old and I play baseball. I am 5 foot 4 and I weigh 140 Pounds. Is p90x the best thing if I want to get muscle fast for upcoming baseball season??

  20. Josh /

    @Kenny. I think that P90X would be great for you, but since you’re so young you need to talk to your parents and/or doctor.

  21. Hi, I am 14y/o turning 15 in two weeks. I weigh 145 and I am 5’6″. I have been doing p90x for about 75 days. I was wondering if i should continue after i am done or if i should take a break before starting again. (I am becoming a lot stronger- I could curl only 10’s in each hand and now I can do 25 pounds, but I still look pretty small. Do you have any tips that could help me to look bigger?

  22. @Dan. Hey bud! You are going to want to take some sort of rest, even if it is just a few days to let your muscles heal. If you want to put on some size, you’re going to have to eat more! Also, make sure you check out the “gaining mass” section on this site, which will give you some ideas on what to do. If you think about using any supplements, though, make sure you talk to your doctor!

  23. Hey, I’m 15 years old about 5,8 I was seriously considering p90x and I see what your saying about seeing a doctor. Is it a specific doctor like a physician or just a general doctor is fine?

  24. @Hugh. A general doctor would be fine. Let me know what they say!

  25. Hi, Im 15 years old and I weigh about 130 pounds. My hight is about 6ft and Im about getting in the middle of puberty. Ive always liked the infomercial of P90X but i could never buy it. I still dont have it but im going to get it next week. My doctor says im good to go and im ready to get ripped. I just want to know if it really works or not because i have seen many testimonys saying it works and it doesn’t. Thats my only question, Does it work ?

  26. @Erick. Hey bud! The people who say it doesn’t work are the people who don’t follow it properly or give up way too early. It’s hard, there’s no doubt about that, and that’s why people give up too soon and say it doesn’t work. My results speak for themselves, and I followed the program 100%! Where do you plan on getting the program? I’m a Coach and you can purchase from this site, which forwards you to the main Team Beachbody site. That will actually make me your coach and I will be here to help you through the program.

  27. Hi, I’m josh and I’m 15 , 100 pounds , about 5’3 and I’m pretty small at my school and was really hoping to get bigger and more fit , I already lift weights and am not getting the results I was hoping for and was wondering if p90x would be good for me?

  28. @Josh. I think so, but you would need to talk to your parents and doctor first!

  29. Hi, Im Buck. Im 14, weigh 130 pounds and 6 ft tall in height. I was confused when you said 14 was the cut-off point. Did you mean only +14 should do it or 14 or less aged people shouldn’t do it? Being my height, its hard not to be skinny, so i try to gain weight. Is this a good program for building weight?

  30. @Buck. Hey bud. I don’t think that P90X would be bad at your age, but you’re going to have to talk to your doctor and parents first to make sure.

  31. Hi, I’m Ashley and I’m a 14 year old girl, I weigh around 165 i have some muscle cause i used to work out and do sports but then never got back into it i got lazy so now i am trying to get fit again i was wondering if P90X would be good for me??? cause i would like to get muscle and lose weight.

  32. @Ashley. I think it would be! However, you need to talk to your parents and doctor to make sure.

  33. Jack /

    I’m 15 and already work out a bit meaning 120 push-ups a day and some chin-ups and pull-ups. I do occasionly bench with my max being 120. I want to get a six pack and a bit more muscle/ definition, is this good for me?

  34. Josh /

    @Jack. I think it is, but you will still need to make sure it’s alright with your parents.

  35. Casey /

    Hi, I’m a 13 year old boy. I’m 5’5″ and weigh 115. I’m pretty skinny an want a little more bulk, is p90x good fr me?

  36. Josh /

    @Casey. I think so, but you need to talk to your parents and doctor first.

  37. Jordan /

    Hey, I’m a 17 year old boy and I want to gain muscle and weight. I am 6’4″ and I weigh 150lbs. I play center for my basketball team and I am tired of getting pushed around since I am so scrawny. Will P90x help me gain weight and muscle if I pair it with the diet or will it make me lose weight?

  38. Josh /

    @Jordan. Hey bud. You can gain mass with P90X, but you would have to make some adjustments. Instead, look into Body Beast, which is Beachbody’s new mass gaining program. I ended up gaining about 15 lbs in 90 days! Also, make sure you make me your coach so that I can continue to help you out. Here’s the link.

  39. Steven /

    I’m 16 years old 6ft 2inches 140 pounds, skinny and was wondering how well of a result I would get from using p90x

  40. Josh /

    @Steven. I think you would get great results, but you need to talk to your parents first and make sure it’s OK with them.

  41. Alex /

    I’m a 15 year old boy and i’m 5’10 and 130 pounds. I eat well at home so do i still have to follow the diet?

  42. Josh /

    @Alex. The diet is still the most important part of the program! But of course talk to your parents and doctor to make sure it’s OK with them.

  43. does this program use wi=eights? – I have seen heeps of ‘p90x fitness bands’ but would rather do it with weights

  44. Yes, you can use weights.

  45. I am wanting to do P90x I’m twelve 5’4 119 ibs, And I want to know if I should do p90x. I’m in puberty.

  46. Josh /

    Hey bud you want to talk to your doctor and parents since you’re so young.

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