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Art’s P90X Challenge Group Review

Here’s yet ANOTHER reason why you should join one of my P90X Challenge Groups! Art has been part of a challenge group for about 6 weeks now and is seeing great results! Here is his testimonial.

Art’s P90X Challenge Group Review

“This is a story of my journey to date with P90X. 6 Years ago I was promoted to a desk job within my organization, I was previously a machine operator on in a factory environment. During my 6 years as an operator I was always on my feet running around running my machine as fast and efficiently as possible. Once I moved into the office world everything changed, I was going out eating lunch everyday at a fast food places, always drinking soda (by far my biggest addiction) and most of all sitting on my but for 8 hours a day. I am ashamed to say I went from a lean 185-190 @ 5’ 11” to my heaviest of 240 and popping buttons on my pants. I went to the gym here and there but none of my friends went so I didn’t really have any motivation. I purchased P90X about a year ago and tried it a couple of times but only stuck with it for a few days each time once again due to the lack of motivation or support. I was on you tube about a month or so ago looking at before and after videos of P90X & saw a video of Josh. I was totally amazed that someone could go to an average looking body to being as ripped and chiseled as he was. I believe I sent him an email for some tips and advice and he responded back to me and told me he was starting a group of 5 guys on November 7, 2011 to start the program, of course I accepted his invitation. My past attempts at this program failed within the past 4 or 5 days, this time was different. We have become more than just a few guys who post on Facebook daily that we worked out, we have all become friends. Josh along with all of us post how we are feeling after our workouts, keep each other informed on any changes with diet as well as tips on getting the maximum benefit from P90X. Without Josh emailing me back that day and asking me to join this awesome team of guys I wouldn’t have started this again. He has been instrumental in getting me back on my path to being fit and healthy as well as someone to be accountable to as far as day to day workouts and our results. Did I mention I didn’t have to pay anything out of my own pocket for this? He does this because he wants to see all of us become healthy and shed all of the weight we have gained over the years. This program is not easy but if you want it bad enough and have someone behind you like all of the guys I have it is more than just a workout, WE ARE A TEAM. I would like to thank Josh and all of our group for getting me to where I am, this is only day 36 but I feel a hundred percent better now than I did 36 days ago & cant wait to see my results on day 90!”

– Art

If you want to learn more about what you need to do to be a part of a Challenge Group, just click on the link! If you have any questions, email me at


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