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Carter’s P90X Transformation

Name: Carter I.

Program: P90X


Carter’s P90X Transformation Story

“I was a swimmer my entire life. Just fast enough to get a full-ride into college and pay for my education. Working out every day (either swimming and/or dry-land training) had its benefits: I was in shape, could eat essentially whatever I wanted and not gain a pound. Life was good.

Shortly after college the weight quickly piled on. Eating and drinking like I was still working out every day my 5’9” frame was smothered in 230+ pounds of fat. I was miserable! Life was no longer good but a horrendous struggle! But I figured, as many, this is just part of life. You are supposed to get a little bit larger as we age? It wasn’t until I had a visit from my doctor that he told me “Carter, if you keep this up you will not live to see 40.” I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, my joints hurt, I couldn’t touch my toes and walking up a flight of stairs would have me winded. Is this really how I wanted to LIVE life?

It was that very same night, a sleepless night might I add (I had a lot of them at that time), I was flipping through the channels and came across the P90X infomercial. It was that moment I decided I NEEDED to change. Without hesitation I ordered and committed to the 90 day program. Following the nutrition guide, pushing myself in the P90X workouts and drinking Shakeology every day I was able to melt away the pounds! I went from 230 pounds to 170! My blood pressure dropped dramatically, cholesterol was perfect, my joints no longer hurt – It was like I finally came up for air and I was LIVING again!

P90X, Shakeology and proper nutrition saved my life. I was in far better shape than I ever was in college! It can be done – you can do this! Let me help you!”

– Carter



  1. Get busy living, or get busy dying – great job!

  2. Carter kills it in the bronzer! Nice job, brother– both in your life course correction/reinvention and in your results, Brother!

  3. LOL Dan — thanks for the comment on the bronzer 🙂 I’m still cracking up about that. That stuff was so hard to get off my body — took two weeks bro! And the messed up part was I wasn’t dark enough — can you believe that??

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